Monday, 25 August 2014

Dystopian Wars FSA aka Federated States of America

Well I have bought myself some of the Spartan Games Dystopian wars models specificly The FSA (Federated States of America) There is quite a few Nations to choose from there is -

Core Nations
Alliance Nations (The following Alliance Nations some are yet to be released)
  • Commonwealth of Free Australia
  • Kingdom of Denmark 
  • Dominion of Canada
  • Chinese Federation
  • League of Italian States
  • Ottoman Empire 
  • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Republic of Egypt
  • Socialist Union of South America (SUSA)
  • Free Republic of Chile
  • Spanish Republican Confederacy (SRC)
  • United Kingdom of Romania
  • Free Hellenic Kingdom
  • Belgian Royalist Rebels
  • Portuguese Empire
Dystopian Wars is a steam punk war game set on a alternate time line in the1870's. There is Naval Aerial and Ground forces to collect some nations excel at some types of forces better then others. Ive only played one game so far and a was hooked a gentleman by the name of Craig from the Masterton marauders club had set up a game as i had expressed an interest in the game. And from then on i was hooked the models look great and just look cool massive flying fortresses huge aircraft carriers in both the sky and on the sea. Ive always liked naval games but never found one that i liked until now. From what iv'e seen its isn't widely played yet but the comunity is growing. It was played at Natcon this year for what i'm sure is the first time with 8 players most from the south island.

So going with the FSA i bought my stuff from Wayland games in the UK as they had a sale on some of the stuff. So along with getting my FOW Remagen book i bought A Blister pack with 6 Augusta class frigate's, An Aerial Battle group box set which had 1 Valley class Airship and 4 Lee class scout ships. Some of the packs come with little Refrence cards for the ships which show hit points, movement, Weapon stats and so on.

Lee class scout ship

Valley Class airship

The 3 type's of ships i have

My total current force as you can see they come as a white resin.

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  1. Very nice models John. It's quite an intriguing looking game. The big display game at CTA was very cool. Looking forward to following your progress with this. Cheers, Paul :-)