Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Call to arms Armies on Parade

Here's some of the armies that contested call to arms

Damian Tyson, Finnish, Mannerheim Line (Fortified Company)

Mark Stanton, Polish, Batalion Piechoty

Andrew Stanton, Italian, Compagnia Motociclisti

Adam Trapski, Soviet Union, Heavy Tankovie Batalon

Simon McBeth, New Zealanders, B Sqn, Divisional Cavalry, 2nd NZ Div

Sofia Chambers, French, Compagnie de Combat

Bede Bailey, German, Gebirgsjager

Isaac Henderson, Japanese, 3rd Sensha Rentai

David Wilson, French, Escardron Reconnaissance

Jayden Howell, Japanese, Hohei Chutai

Ken Camel, Germany, Panzer pionierekompanie

Paul Waechter, British, Honey Armoured Squadron

My strelkovy Batalon horde

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