Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Call to arms Battle report Game 2

Game 2 - Dust Up

Round 2 found me facing a second Japanese army commanded by Isaac Henderson. This time it was tanks surely these would be no match for all my AT guns.

Japanese, 3rd Sensha Rentai, Rising Sun
  • 3rd Sensha Rentai HQ - 2x Type 89 Chi-Ro + 1x Type 94 TK
  • Sensha Company - 3x Command Type 89 Chi-Ro + 9x Type 89 Chi-Ro (3 Platoons)
  • Sensha Company - 3x Command Type 89 Chi-Ro + 9x Type 89 Chi-Ro (3 Platoons)
  • Hohei Platoon - 2x Rifle Squads (FT)
  • Hohei Rapid Fire Gun Platoon - 2x Type 94 37mm (FT) 
All deployed i started with 30 man stand platoon ready to advance and both platoons of 45mm AT guns on each covering an objective each. Isaac started with 3 platoons of tanks on and a rifle platoon.

I got first turn and advanced up towards the objective in the street. Isaac manoeuvred his tanks a little to get a few MG shots in killing a few men.

At the start of turn 3 i got my first reserves on strait away so i bought on the land battleships. Got behind some tanks in the open and kill one before they hastily retreated back to the buildings. meanwhile my men took some more hits getting pinned and taking a turn or two to unpin.

Next turn the battleships move up to get a better aim at the tanks but not landing any decant hits. The troops unpin and get moving again. The T-35s fend off an assault in the same turn.

Turn 5 I get the rest of my force on. Although i lose a T-35 and the other is bogged i keep trying to pile on the pressure but no cracks show in Isaac's defence.

Turn 5 2 of Isaac's reserves arrive but with the AT guns staying GTG and able to out range the Japs tanks Isaac holds off for more reserves. The game seems well in hand at this point.

With not dealing to the tank threat the land Battleships where soon sunk. but the 76mm AT guns kept up the heat killing 2 more tanks. I tried an assault behind the houses with just a few stands of men trying to limit the Defencive fire but in doing this you don't have quality of quantity. This means the assault fails.

By now Issac has all his reserves on finishes of the big infantry platoon that fails to wave attack clearing the way for all his tanks to mass firepower on my defending AT guns. I get 2 more tanks in the town this was the high water make of my offencive.

A turn or 2 later we had timed out luckily i hadn't lost the command team to my AT guns or it would of been a failed company morale test as the CO had dies already.

With only being able to land a killing blow on enough tanks to kill 1 platoon i couldn't get a point as Isaac had 9 platoons. He killed my T-35s and an infantry platoon giving him the upper hand in a very hard fought 3-1 Draw. From what i heard only 2 games out of the 10 had a winner and loser. Although i don't feel to bad about this game as Isaac went on to win the event and this was the only game that he didn't win so a morale victory of sorts. Isaac was my vote for Best sport. On to the next game.


  1. Well played John. Isaac steamed through everyone else, so to hold him out in a Dust Up with conscript infantry is no mean feat. Good on you for pushing the action and no just sitting tight. If that Wave Attack had happened it might have ended differently! Tricky table for a Dust Up too.

  2. I tried not to rely on the wave attack to much as i think out of the 5 games i only got it twice yea that table was not the best i heard other people didn't like it much as well

  3. Sounds like my game I had against Issac, I got only the one platoon also and had to play 3 turns at night of which my guns failed to see much, very tough those Jap tanks, being able to hit in assault with bogged and bailed tanks is rough!