Monday, 11 August 2014

Fracas 2014 AAR

Game 1
Game 1 was Dust up Vs Rob Shirley
  • Setup I had my tanks massed in the middle Rob had 3 panzer 4's ready to move onto the hill and PaK40's covering the other objective.
  • Turn 1 i lost 1 Sherman in return i killed all 3 of his panzer 4's. 
  • Turn 2 The 105mm Sherman's moved through the buildings getting into position to counter any reserves that come on to my Right. 
  • Turn 3 my first reserves came on so i Put my armoured mortars up on the hill in the corner ready to smoke the PaK40's next turn. By now my 2 remaining 75mm Sherman's moved up behind the hill on the edge of the table to grab the objective. In return rob moved his guns out and killed another M4A3 forcing the last one to run.
  • Turn 4 my 105's where in position in the town and my mortars smoked the end gun to reduce his return fire. Not that it was needed as i killed all 3 of his guns. Rob had a platoon of  Infantry in swiminwagons come on behind me and move to the objective.
  • Turn 5 in reply to this threat i had my Company comander move to contest the objective and machine gun them to death killing the platoon and breaking Rob's army and ending in a 5-2 win for me.

Game 2
 Game 2 was pincer Vs Savvas Regas
  • Setup i had massed my tanks and the right with the mortars and recon on the far left. while Savvas Had his Sturmtiger on the road on the left and his 2 88's on the same flank as my Sherman's.
  • Turn 1 after doing my recce move up the right and then my normal move up the edge of the table between the forest and the table edge. I advanced all but 3 of my 105mm Sherman's up behing the forest ready for the push on the 88's the 3 105s opened up and killed the 88 first round. The Sturmtiger took the bait and went after the recon troops pulling it away from the main force.
  • Turn 2 i had all tanks advance toward the final 88. But with 2 of them bogging and some not quite having good lines of sight i held off till every one could move into line of sight at once. Meanwhile the recon and and Sturmtiger danced around the forest and he managed to MG the jeep but the team inside mad their save so no harm done there.
  • Turn 3 I remounted both M4A3's and advanced toward the 88's with no issues this time killing it with massed cannon and .50cal shots and causing the command team to flee of the table and with Savvas not getting any reserves on and the Sturmtiger to far off i claimed the objective for a 6-1 win

Game 3
Game 3 was Dust up Vs Dougal Hannam-Williams this mission have weather effects which was Driving rain making ground muddy slow going and max view range 40cm.
  • Setup I choose to fit all my tanks with Duckbill as it was going to be slow going i might as well have wide tracks for bogging rolls not that a single one worked. I massed my tanks in the village and he had his Heavy platoon on the right objective and his C.O, 2iC and combat platoon of Panzer 4's on the right .
  • Turn 1 Dougal had the first turn moving his panzer,s up to short range and killing 1 M4A3 then storm trooping. all my 105's tried to move through the village towards the heavy platoon 3 of them bogging right away 2 of which would'nt un-bog for some time. My 75mm Sherman's returned serve killing 1 Panzer 4.
  • Turn 2 My 105's continued towards the heavy platoon killing 1 half track no tanks died this turn although he had moved up to the river edge to go across next turn towards the objective.
  • Turn 3 Dougal Had moved onto the objective with the Panzer 4's and had his Quad 2cm Flak tanks come on to my right in the large field behind the houses. I moved to contest the objective with my 2 M4A3's.
  • Turn 4 Had both my M4A3's from my combat platoon destroyed meaning I had nothing contesting the objective i did get my armourded motars on into the double field onto the objective but this would prove to late i did finish of the heavy platoon getting me a point. But in the end not having any of the 105's close enough to move and contest lost it for me the 2 that where close enough where bogged the entire game.
  • So at the start of his next turn it was a 5-2 win to Dougal.

Game 4
Game 4 was Pincer Vs Adam Bevin's running 2 King tigers and 2 Quad 2cm Flak tanks. I knew this would be a hard game with the tigers tough armour.
  • Setup I deployed my 105mm's as far back as possiable  my CO on the left and the 75mm on the right.  Adam deployed in the middle ready for the off.
  • Turn 1 both tigers moved up but with range and cover on my side i sirvived untouched. In return i fired my 105's as a 6 gun battery with re-roll's on a single template bailing 1 tiger and advanced my 75mm Sherman's up the right flank as fast as possiable 
  • Turn 2 Adam advanced some more killing 1 of my 105's i re-ranged in and again bailed the left had tiger out by now my shermans had got behind the other tiger and bailed that one too but every turn they kept getting back in.
  • Turn 3 both tigers had moved up to both of the small lakes and killed 2 more 105's. Adam's AA had moved to the left flank out of the way but i got my first reserves opened up with my .50cal on my recon half track killing 1 AA gun.
  • Turn 4 the tiger on the right had moved onto the objective and the only thing i could do was rush it with my 105's to contest it but not able to do much else as my 75mm Sherman's pounded away at the other tiger still to no avail. I got my Armoured mortars on and the .50cals finshed off the other AA tank getting a point.
  • Turn 6 The tigers wiped out the last of the 105's was to far off to contest so that was game 5-2 to Adam.

Game 5
Game 5 was Dust up Vs Alister Mundel
  •  Setup once again I massed my tanks with the intention of forcing my way through Alister had his Panzer 4's on and 2 PaK50's behind the town centre.
  • Turn 1 Alister got the first turn moved up but couldn't see anything i then moved to counter and killed 1 panzer 4 with my 105's while the 75mm's moved up the flank to engage the PaK50's just outside of thier range.
  • Turn 2 Alister manuvered his tanks and got my company comander and 2 105mm sherman's i failed to do anything in reply
  • Turn 3 The panzer 4's missed with all shots and me very lucky not to lose the game right there struck back killing 2 more Panzer's and causing the others to run. We both got 1 reserve on i used mine to help kill the PaK50's and Al's moved into the big building on the left.
  • Turn 4 my 105s slowly mopped up the infantry and my 2nd reserves came on helping finish off the PaK50's Alister bailed my 2 armoured mortars in return.
  • Turn 5 i killed the last of the infantry with no problem as the Breakthrough guns don't allow saves and the PaK50's where mopped up. Breaking his army and giving me a 6-1 win.

My 3rd place prize Dust Tactics rules WGI and Abram's Tanks

  • 1st Dougal Hannam-Williams
  • 2nd Rob Shirley
  • 3rd Equal John Fletcher
Edit- These may change as some scores for some people where wrongly entered 


  1. Well done John, you'll be getting quite a reputation at Fracas! Interesting to see top armour 2 tanks allowed at such low points levels. Hard to deal with, but if you take them it doesn't leave you with much else! Cheers, Paul :-)

  2. Congrats on 3rd place, the 105's Shermans worked out well then
    nice prizes too.

    1. Thanks top armour 2 tanks there was 2 KT's in one army and 1 Sturmtiger in another. There are a WGI for each person the main prises wher a platoon of Jumbos, Abrams, Platoon of PNZIV/70 and 2 KT's and a Pieper Panther