Monday, 18 August 2014

Call to Arms Battle report Game 1

Well Call to arms is over for another year with a good turn out for Flames of war with 20 people. lots of nicely painted armies and nice Tables of Terrain. Now to the battle report.

Game 1 - Fighting withdrawl 

My opponent for the first game was Jayden Howell he was reasonably new to the Flames of war scene. He was sporting a Japanise Infantry force. Jayden chose to auto attack at dawn so i would be defending.

Hohei Chutai, Rising Sun
  • Hohei Chutai HQ, 2 Sword, Regimental Standard
  • Hohei Platoon, Sword, 9 Rifle, 3 Light Mortar, Banners
  • Hohei Platoon, Sword, 9 Rifle, 3 Light Mortar, Banners
  • Hohei Machine-gun Platoon, Sword, 4 Type 3 HMG
  • Hohei, Battalion Gun Platoon, Sword, 2 Type 92 70mm
  • Medium Sensha Company, 5 Type 89 Chi-Ro, 2 Type 94 TK

I deployed my 33 stand platoon over the 2 right objectives and the 23 stand one on the left with one platoon of 45mm AT guns. The arty was at the back and the other 45mm At guns where in ambush. The T-35s in the middle. Jayden massed everything on the right with only the 70mm Gun platoon on the left.
Jayden moves all but his guns up under cover of darkness. I move up the left 45mm AT guns and the T-35s move up to machine gun some japs but fail to spot anyone.

His tanks charge into combat killing a few men my kommissar draws his pistol and shots a man to rally the troops not that it worked. The T-35s get charged also killing a few guys in defencive fire and in combat He breaks off in the end losing a few men not hurting my tanks.

I spring my ambush and my T-35s turn their attention to the enemy tanks only killing 1 bailing 1. I rally the troops of course by shooting someone first ready to charge the tanks.

T-35s survive another assault. My infantry assault the tanks only after shooting another guy to motivate resulting in men killed and only a bailed tank this flank was starting to collapse. AT this stage the 45mm AT guns on this flank where pulled.

The second infantry platoon tried an assault on mt T-35s a hail of MG fire kills a fair few of the troops but they get through 1 T-35 dies but i win the assault and drive them off and breaking the platoon. The 45mm AT guns finish off the tanks.

With the 3 platoons on the right flank all that was left on table as the rest had been pulled they were quite battered. Partly because my kommissar shoot quite a few people 9 stands i think. I broke Jayden's army in the end wining the game 6-1. There was a bonus point for each win that you got.
After that hard fought win onto the next game.


  1. Nice report John. That was quite an intense game, neither army was giving in! Your kommisar deserves a medal after that :-)

  2. yea my Kommisar managed to kill enough through out the 5 games to of killed the whole platoon at least one lol