Thursday, 21 August 2014

Call to arms Battle report Game 4

Game 4 - Free for all

Round 4 found me fighting good friend and fellow blogger Mark Stanton. Its not often that mark faces an army that outnumbers his own but that's just what he had in this game. He was fielding a Polish infantry army so another good historical match up.

Polish, Batalion Piechoty
  • CO and 2IC Rifle teams
  • Piechoty Company with 13x Rifle teams
  • Piechoty Company with 13x Rifle teams
  • Piechoty Company with 13x Rifle teams
  • Piechoty Infantry Gun Platoon with 2x 75mm wz 02/26 guns
  • Piechoty Anti-tank Platoon with 3x 37mm wz 36 guns
  • Piechoty Anti-tank Platoon with 3x 37mm wz 36 guns
  • Piechoty Scout Platoon with 5x Rifle teams upgraded to Cavalry Teams
  • Light Tank Platoon with 5x 7TP-dw tanks
  • Light Gun Battery with 4x 75mm wz 1897 guns with added Observer Team 

I charged forward on all fronts leaving the HMG's behind from each infantry platoon on the objectives to counter Mark's Bypass rule. Which means on the roll of a 6 the platoon comes on somewhere behind my forces

Mark's tanks start to chew through my men at a few stands a turn so i quickly move my 45mm AT guns to counter them.

The left flank advance stalls with no progress being made the AT guns exchange fire with Mark's AT guns each killing a stand in turn.

The T-35s kill 2 men in the railway station with 2 lucky MG shots clearing the way for an assault to gain a foot hold on Mark's side of the table

The assault goes very well

Back on the left flank Mark assaults me with his cavalry and troops forcing me back. I later kill the cavalry with my AT guns.

After the great first assault i push once too far and lose the platoon. Mean while my AT guns killed and Bailed 2 tanks. while the rest hid behind the hill ready for the bypass to move on.

The very next time Mark rolled after i lost my platoon of infantry on the right flank his bypass came on right where needed. Only my 45mm AT guns stood in the way of Mark claiming victory.

My Wave attack roll worked for the first time but with where the enemy troops where it didn't leave me with much space to deploy and in the wrong area. Too far to save the objective and too far to claim one. The T-35s try one last assault but are pushed back.

 In the end Mark killed the 45mm AT guns and claimed the objective the 6-1 loss score line as mark said didn't reflect the blood bath on both sides that took place. It was a good hard game in the end and always have enjoyed my games with mark.


  1. Nice report John, sounds like a really good game. The score line definitely doesn't reflect the closeness of the game. Mark got just the bit of luck he needed with that bypass platoon!

  2. Nice report John, I think that bypass platoon saved me there as you were pushing hard with your T-35, The scattered bypass reserve could of easily turned up on the other side !
    The score did not reflect the closeness of this action packed game as there was a many fun assualts going on, enjoyed the game .

    1. That's just is at the end of the day it can all come down to a single dice roll. And that bypass coming on where it did really did seal the game for you I look forward to our next encounter.