Thursday, 28 January 2016

Valleycon 2016 army

This years Valleycon event run by the Hutt club is an early war affair and at only 1000pts and only one and a half hours per game hard choices had to be made on what to take. All normal list building rules applied and with the missions being known for the event did help somewhat in what choices I made. Also hearing there was a good chance of a lot of light tank armies as well helped as well.

1. Encounter
2. Free for All
3. Fighting Withdrawal
4. Breakthrough
5. Dust Up
6. Cauldron
7. No Retreat

I went with a Strelkovy Batalion from the Barbrossa book a smaller version of what I used at Natcon in Auckland last year. As there was a good chance I would be defending in 4 of the 7 missions an even number of platoons was essential for splitting my army for reserves.

Hq + Unarmed sappers and pioneer supply wagon(Truck)   75pts
Strelkovy Company 2 platoons   195pts
Strelkovy Company 2 platoons   195pts
Strelkovy Anti tank gun platoon 6 x 45mm AT guns   200pts
Heavy tank platoon 1 x KV-1   255pts
Anti-aircraft Company 2 x 37mm AA guns + Trucks   75pts
Total Points   995pts.

The army is quite big for 1000pts. Should be able to take some punishment.

Hot off the modeling desk my new sappers. For this event they are unarmed sappers but with being able to put down barbwire they should trip up most of the early war tanks that are rated half tracked.

I dont think the AA guns will have much in the skies to shoot. But in early war their AT6 makes them great anti-tank weapons. Just have to make sure they are dug in.

Ive had a few practice games with a win and a loss and getting a result before time was up was the main goal which we did. Army is all packed up ready for action on Saturday morning hope to see you there.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

X-wing skirmish Part 2

So after our first game of the day which you can find here Michael had adjusted his list for round two. As stated in my last post I would use the lame list as before. The winner sticking with the same list and the loser gets to amend or change their list. Hoping this would help in our list building.

Micheal's revised list

First moves.

The Dogfight commences.

Both dancing around the asteroids. Something has to give.

Both of us lose a ship My defender and Mike's HWK-290.

Michael strikes the next blow with a Tie fighter going down. With my forces split it wasn't looking good.

I take revenge and knock Wedge out of the fight.

Mauler Mithel and my last academy pilot that where left close in to take out the last ship.

Mauler Mithel doesn't survive the first attack run on the Z-95

Both down to their last hit point they take another run at each over.

The Bandit squadron pilot wins the day for Michael taking out both Mauler Mithel and his wingman.

It was quite funny how the game came down to the sides two most low ranked pilots just goes to show you never count any ship out at all. My next bit of gaming will be Valleycon in Upper Hutt playing early war Flames of war. Looking at taking Soviet hordes of infantry and only at 1000pts sound be interesting.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

X-wing skirmish Part 1

Last week Michael and I had two games of X-wing I went the Imperial Navy and Michael went the Rebel alliance. As we were playing two games we decided the winner must keep his list the same and the loser could modify their list as they see fit to try and beat opposing list. We might try this a little more often to see how a list goes when faced with a list that is designed to beat it.

My build was a Tie defender and small Tie swarm

Michael's List 2 x Z-95, 2 x A-wings and An HWK-290.

The setup

In the first round of shooting I take down a Z-95 and take some damage.

A misjudgement of mine lands a Tie fighter on an asteroid while Mike makes quick work of one of my other Tie fighters.

The following round finds me lose Mauler Mithel while I down the HWK.

The dogfight continues as a 3v3 for a turn or two then I loss both Tie fighters.

With only my Tie defender left albeit undamaged there is a lot of work to do here.

The next turn down goes an A-wing

Starting to take damage I quickly dispatch with the other A-wing leaving it a 1v1

The Bandit squadron pilot is no match for Rexler Brath in his Tie defender.

While it came down the a 1v1 a Defender vs a Z-95 was always a one sided match. So with myself getting the win Michael took a few mins to rework his list for round 2.