Thursday, 28 January 2016

Valleycon 2016 army

This years Valleycon event run by the Hutt club is an early war affair and at only 1000pts and only one and a half hours per game hard choices had to be made on what to take. All normal list building rules applied and with the missions being known for the event did help somewhat in what choices I made. Also hearing there was a good chance of a lot of light tank armies as well helped as well.

1. Encounter
2. Free for All
3. Fighting Withdrawal
4. Breakthrough
5. Dust Up
6. Cauldron
7. No Retreat

I went with a Strelkovy Batalion from the Barbrossa book a smaller version of what I used at Natcon in Auckland last year. As there was a good chance I would be defending in 4 of the 7 missions an even number of platoons was essential for splitting my army for reserves.

Hq + Unarmed sappers and pioneer supply wagon(Truck)   75pts
Strelkovy Company 2 platoons   195pts
Strelkovy Company 2 platoons   195pts
Strelkovy Anti tank gun platoon 6 x 45mm AT guns   200pts
Heavy tank platoon 1 x KV-1   255pts
Anti-aircraft Company 2 x 37mm AA guns + Trucks   75pts
Total Points   995pts.

The army is quite big for 1000pts. Should be able to take some punishment.

Hot off the modeling desk my new sappers. For this event they are unarmed sappers but with being able to put down barbwire they should trip up most of the early war tanks that are rated half tracked.

I dont think the AA guns will have much in the skies to shoot. But in early war their AT6 makes them great anti-tank weapons. Just have to make sure they are dug in.

Ive had a few practice games with a win and a loss and getting a result before time was up was the main goal which we did. Army is all packed up ready for action on Saturday morning hope to see you there.


  1. Looking good there John, the sappers turned out great and barbwire should make it hard for all those wheeled and half tracked vehicles in early war

    1. The Barbed wire worked a treat in some of the missions. Especially vs the other soviet infantry army I faced. My AA shot down a total of 5 planes most in one game. Ill put up an AAR in the next few days.