Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Its not wargaming. Its V8 supercars I enjoy it just as much.

On the weekend of the 6-8th of November I decided to shout dad a trip to the V8 Supercars in Auckland for his birthday. The track they were racing at was Pukekohe Park Raceway a 2.84km race track. The V8 super cars were competing in three races over the weekend 2 x 60km races and 1 x 200km race with pit stops. Both my Dad and I took over 300 photos here's a selection of some of them.

The best spot we found was at turn 6 most of the action happened here over the weekend.

The starting grid early Saturday morning.

All four of the Pro drive Ford coming up the hill.

A slightly used Holden. Parts for sale to fans of Craig Lowndes car after his crash in Saturdays Race.

Mark Winterbottom's Ford.

Kiwi Andre Heimgartner's Ford.

Fabian Coulthard's Holden.

Scott Mclaughlin's Volvo.

Will Davison's Mercedes.

Michael Caruso's Nissan.

Shane Van Gisbergen's Holden.

One of the drifting cars on display a Ford Mustang.

The V8s racing back up the hill to the start finish line.

My dad with Pro drive racing Australia boss Tim Edwards.

Me with Fabian Coulthard.

Greg Murphy and I in the pit lane.

Dad with Will Davison.

Dad and myself behind Mark Winterbottom's Garage.

The NZ V8 touring cars.

All the cars in pit lane ready for qualifying.

Action at the chicane on the back strait Cam Waters in the Ford and James Courtney In the Holden lead this angry pack.

One of the Setups in the pit garages.

Shane Van Gisbergen's car up on the jacks between practice and qualifying.
Late Sunday afternoon after the dust had settled we left the track having really enjoyed ourselves. We are already looking forward to possibly going next year.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

X-wing skirmish 100pts

Well its been a while between post so since I have recently done up a board for X-wing I thought I better get my good friend Michael around for a game. I went Imperial and Mike went Rebel. I wanted to use some ships i had bought but not really used much or at all so made the following 100pts list.

TIE Fighter - Mauler Mithel (17)
Skill - When attacking at Range 1, roll 1 additional attack die.
Upgrades - Outmaneuver (3)

Micheal ran a B-wing an E-wing and a Y-wing with a twin laser turret. I don't recall what upgrades he had on everything.

My 3'' x 4'' board with 3'' x 3'' play area. Has white speckled paint to look like a star field but hard to see in the photo.

First 2 turns we tried to get around each others flanks.

The first round of combat I got Michael's B-wing down to 2 hit points while my defender took just one hit.

The next round only Lord Vader could see the B-wing but couldn't finish it off but the other three ships killed the E-wing in one barrage of fire. Mike's evade dice were non-existent.

Next round Mike's B-with still limping around took out Mauler Mithel and my defender got to work on the Y-wing.

I expected the B-wing to come to help the Y-wing but he didn't so my ships over shot him meaning he survived another round and took out my second tie fighter. But as the B-wing was out of the pic down went the Y-wing.

We positioned for the final duel but Mike couldn't keep up his B-wings heroics much longer.

with the final volley of shots coming from the proton rockets on the tie advance giving me 5 attack dice Michael's B-wings fate was sealed.

So a good game just to get back into it again all be it a bit one sided in the first 2 rounds of combat but fun was had non the less.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

X-wing road to Nationals

Cerberus games in Wellington held a 100pts X-wing event called Road to Nationals. This was open to everyone that wanted to enter not just those that where going to nationals. There where 14 people at this event a few had to drop out so it was a bit smaller then usual. The event was over 4 rounds each lasting 75min.

Game 1 vs Paul Johnson

Paul was running Scum with an IG88 and Boba Fett

I decided to focus fire on Boba fett and leave IG88 till later

My tie bomber and one of my tie fighters went down in the first 2 rounds of fire.

I was soon down to my last ship with me not landing many hits wasn't even close to downing one of his.
In the end Paul had killed all 100pts of mine while I didnt even get one of his ships down to half health so getting 0pts. A good win to Paul.

Game 2 vs Brent Fletcher.

My brother was running 3 tie advanced with Darth Vader, Maarek Stele and Juno Eclipse.

We ended up circling each other for the first two moves.

But once the combat began I must say that Brent's dice abandoned him completely. this decided the outcome of the game within 2 rounds of combat.

Everyone disperses for their next attack run.

With Brent down to his last ship Juno was targeted by everyone but not before Brent got off some parting shots getting my firespray down to half health.

This battle was quite one sided. The first few rounds of combat being marred by some very bad dice on Brent's part in both attack and defense. I killed 100pts in the end and Brent got half points for  getting my firespray down to half health so he scored 20pts.

Game 3 vs Lincoln Hely

Lincoln was running a Hounds tooth, Firespray and an IG88 scum list.

The first round of combat my tie bomber went down very quickly

My Firespary tried to get some distance to get another run on the enemy while my tie fighters nipped at their heels.

Down to my last tie fighter the outcome was inevitable but I managed to get his firespary before I died.
So that battle was another one sided affair but still a fun game I lost all 100pts but killed 35pts so at least had something to show for it.

Game 4 vs Will Quinn

Will was running a shuttle with the emperor aboard it a tie phantom and tie interceptor.

My first volley everything fired at the shuttle hoping I could get rid of his support abilities quickly.

This game quickly turned on me. with the interceptor and phantom being very greasy weasels my ships couldn't lay a hand on them. They were my down fall.
That game was over quickly and with the phantom and interceptor being very well flown I just couldn't counter with the tools I had available. I lost all 100pts but getting his shuttle below half health I got 14pts for my troubles.

Well in an effort to use imperial more as i'm mainly a Rebel player I learnt a few things flying these ships such as the tie bomber wasn't much good would of been better with maybe 2 more tie fighters. Plus being able to barrel roll and arc dodge is a big thing I need to get more use to with my maneuvering. Anyway I enjoyed the day and will be back for more even managed to pick up a spot prize some card sleeves for my pilot cards which have a light sabre on them which is fitting for X-wing.

The final points tally.