Sunday, 3 April 2016

My next Wargaming project

After having a look through the rules and seeing a few games at Valleycon 2016 ive decided to get into Bolt Action. The 28mm or 1/56 scale WW2 squad based game where you fight with a force of about 30 men a tank and maybe a few support guns (HMG, AT gun, Etc). I look to of got into this at the right time as its growing over her quite quickly. Most people I know that play Flames of War are getting into this. I decided to start with Americans and I say start as I will no doubt get more armies as time goes on. My good friend Michael who I play X-Wing alot with has also got into this game he has gone the Germans. This also helped me choose as we would be playing each other the most so best to have 2 different armies.

I managed to pick up both an M4 Sherman and a squad of infantry to get me started quite cheap at the Hobby Stop out in Kilbirnie in Wellington. Who are in the process of moving out into the Hutt valley. The two kits I picked up where from the Italeri Warlord games range each box set came with a brush a Vallejo paint and glue. At $29.95 this was good value to start my army I thought.

What I have painted so far.

Good options for weapons for the men. There is SMG, BAR, Shotgun, Bazooka and rifles to choose from.

My M4 Sherman with the 75mm gun

I have the rule book and order dice now. Also another 30 infantry a .50cal HMG, Commander with medic to paint and have an M3 half track and M5 Stuart with the M8 Scott turret option coming. So should have enough to start playing very soon. I know Michael has a Panzer 4 a squad of infantry and a 75mm infantry gun done. So hopefully we will both be ready to play at the same time. I'm sure eventually ill enter an event of Bolt Action with this army as I do with Flames of War so you might see my army about.