Monday, 18 June 2018

New American Equipment

With the rubbish weather some fresh US equipment has finally rolled off the production line today. I had started my M26 Pershing and my M20/M8 Greyhound a while back but only just got around to finishing them today.

The M26 Pershing. There is a friend with a Panther tank this this would like to meet.

M20 Greyhound with .50cal HMG
M8 Armored car with 37mm At gun and .50cal HMG

All my armor. M26 Pershing, M4 Sherman, M3 halftrack, M8 Scott/ M5 Stuart and M20/M8 Greyhound

Look forward to using these soon maybe in a practice game for Panzerschreck which is next month on the 14th and 15th of July.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Star wars Armada day

On Sunday I had decided to run a Star wars Armada game day. 6 players 2 games each there were 3 Imperial players and 3 Rebel players. So all matches would be Rebels vs Empire. I had decided on 300pts each to keep the games a bit shorter. The standard is 400pts normally which is what ill run next time as im also toying with the idea of running a casual event possibly.

As Mark and Andrew were still new to the game and yet to buy into it I supplied them with a fleet each. For the Rebels I had myself, Michael and Andrew and for the Imperials it was Mark, Brent, and Warren. At the end of each game I noted down margin of victory and kept track of the points for each player and a team total for each faction.

Game 1 table 1 - Andrew's MC80, Phoenix home and CR90 vs Brent's 4 Imperial Raiders. A narrow victory to Brent in terms of points killed. 5-5

Game 1 table 2 - My MC75 and yet to hyperspace in MC30 vs Mark's 2 Victory class star destroyers and Gladiator. Mark won 7-3 killing my MC75 and most of my squadrons. I killed his Gladiator.

Game 1 table 3 - Warren's Imperial class star destroyer and Gladiator vs Michael's 2 CR90's Phoenix home and MC30. Warren won 7-3

A good First round for the Imperial team leading 19-11 after round 1. After a quick break we started round 2. I would be playing Brent Warren would be playing Andrew and Mark would be playing Michael.

Game 2 table 1 - Mark and Michael go head on at each other. Mark comes out on top 6-4.

Game 2 table 2 - Brent wanted to try a different list with Thrawn running just an ISD and 11 squadrons of fighters. I got 4 HP off the ISD and killed 4 squadrons. In the end it was too much and my 4 squadrons were no match for his 11. Having just my MC30 left alive I lost 8-2.
Game 2 table 3 - Warren and Andrew faced off with the two flag ships going at it in the end the Imperial class star destroyer was too much. I believe only the CR90 was left for Andrew in the end. Warren won 9-1.

Well with the Imperial players winning all the games the points were just a formality. Well done Warren on the overall points haul to be the top Admiral.

Team Points
Imperial - 42pts
Rebel - 18
Individual Points
Warren - 16pts
Mark - 13pts
Brent - 13pts
Michael - 7pts
Andrew - 6pts
John - 5pts

A lot of fun was had over all the points tally wasn't the aim of the day it was more to just get some games and cement the rules. Three of the players had played less then 3 games so doing one after the other was good practice. And I felt keeping the points was just to see how the points system worked for running an event.

It looks like Ill be making a return to Panzerschreck this year but not to play Flames of war but to play Bolt action instead. I hope to finally give my early war Russians a go with their T-35.
Panzerschreck is on the 14th and 15th of July in Palmerston North. It will be 5 rounds 1000pts 2.5hrs per game single platoon armored platoons accepted.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Star wars Armada Terrain

Just thought I would show off some of the terrain I have been making for Star wars armada. It just adds a little depth to the game rather then flying around cardboard tokens.

5 asteroid clusters and 2 space stations.
A base hidden in an asteroid.
A commerce station of sorts.

These just sit on the card cutouts so you still know when you are over lapping the. They are all made from a high density blue foam. Just chipped and hacked away to look natural.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Star wars Armada

On the weekend I played Star wars Armada with my good friend Michael. We are both reasonably inexperienced at the game with only a handful of games under our belts> But feel we know enough that we could enter and event if there was one tomorrow. Armada is very different from X-wing if you have played that X-wing is a very fast paced dog fight game lasting maybe an hour and a half. Where as Armada is very much like a methodical slow paced naval game where you have to plan 1, 2 or even 3 turns ahead some time. This sort of strategic and tactical type of game I like.

I was using Rebels and Michael was using the Imperials. I had an MC75 cruiser (Admiral Raddus ship from Rouge one) an MC30 frigate, Nebulon-B and a CR90 corvette. Michael had a Victory class Star destroyer, Interdictor, Imperial raider and an Arquitens light cruiser. We both had a fighter escorts as well.

As we are still getting use to the games rules and mechanics were haven't started playing games with the missions yet but will start to do that from now on.

The Imperial fleet deployed ready for action.

In this Pic the MC30 should be on table and the CR90 should be off as that is docked in the Profundity ready to hyperspace  jump into battle. They were switched as soon as we started.

The Profundity jumps in just before the Nebulon-B dies and un-docking the CR90 as well. Both deliver a heavy blow to the Victory and get it to within 1hp of death.

The Victory takes the Nebulon with it and the Interdictor being late to the fight destroys the CR90 before the massive frontal firepower kills the Interdictor as well.

In the end I won on points but had Michael deployed his ships much closer together I wouldn't of got away with my MC75 intact. He would of brought much more firepower to bare at once and much sooner and the game would of been different I think.

In a few weeks time Ill be doing and Armada day with 5 others 2 of which don't own any Armada stuff yet but do like the look. But we have 3 Rebel and 3 Imperial players so we will have 3 games going and each one will be Rebels vs Imperials. We will try for 2 rounds and after that will add points of kills and losses and see which team comes out on top. But its more just to get more games in and get more people int Armada.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Valleycon 2018 day 2

Day tow kicked off at 930 am already very warm and with 2 games to play

Game 3 was vs Paul Goldstone he was using the army he ran last year a German reserves (old men on bicycles) army backed up by a Tiger 1. last year the tiger walked all over me this time I was determined for it to be different.

As order dice were drawn for deployment luckily I got the last dice so my Sherman could avoid the tiger and cause havoc on the left flank.

The rest of the army kept the Tiger 1 busy the half track was first to die. My AT gun put round after round into it doing no more then just pinning it.

My Vet squad of infantry WITHOUT any antitank equipment at all pass the tank terror test to assault. They scored 4 hits so I needed a 6 followed by a second 6 and for Paul to fail a morale check. Well we were both stunned by what had happened. Right before the assault my exact words were oh what the hell ill assault.

Although the tiger was dead Paul's mortar killed off my Vet infantry in revenge and there were still panzerfausts lurking around.

The game ended with Paul conceding as he had very little left and I had 3 of the 4 objectives secured.

As usual with Paul a good game was had very laid back and relaxed.

Game 4 was vs Reg Newell. I hadn't played him before its good to meet a new face at the table. He was running British infantry backed by a Churchill VII.

Most of our forces where at this side of the table.

The Churchill, mortar and forward artillery observer wait for a Juicy target to present itself.

My men advanced under fire from sniper, MG and mortar fire but pressed on.

On the left flank my sniper, hafltrack and vet infantry squad advanced vs one of Reg's vet infantry squads dispatching it very quickly. Then these 3 were able to move off the table for 9pts. 3pts for each squad moved off table.

Meanwhile my men hold their ground killing off his observer. And my Sherman finally managed to kill something.
The Churchill was dead even though I had an immobilized tank with a jammed turret I still got it.
The game ended on turn 6 with me winning with 13pts to Reg's 3pts. Getting squads off the table is defiantly worth it in this mission. Reg was good to play agents for a relaxed quite game no stress.

I was surprised to get best painted army something I had never accomplished at all before so was happy with that. I won an IS2 which will go well with my soon to be started soviets and a $10 mighty ape voucher.

I was also browsing all of Scott Bowman's fine wares of his Paraparaumu Beach Pharmacy Hobby corner which he had set up for the weekend at the hall. So got myself a M26 Pershing heavy tank for my Yanks so they have a bit more punch. I managed to sell quite a bit on the bring and buy table as well so a good weekend all round.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Valleycon 2018 Day one

Valleycon 2018 has come and gone for another year and once again was a great event. I was playing Bolt action this year using my US forces the points limit was 1000pts. Three of my four opponents were new to me this year 2 of which came down from Napier. Here is what I ran.

Game 1 was vs Ethan Phillips he was one of the two Napier boys he also has a blog make sure to visit . He was running Japanese I had never fought this nation before and boy was I in for a shock.

Two suicidal Jap AT bombs the Sherman and At gun made quick work of them.

His army didn't look that big but when you have to kill them to the last man they just keep coming.

This Squad was the first to die. Taking a lot of fire just wore them down.

I kept my half track and vet infantry squad in reserve but they didn't turn up till turn 4. By then he was right on top of them when they came on.

My M4 Sherman was the last man standing and survived the game no matter what Ethan threw at it.
Ethan was a great opponent and got a well deserved win 9pts to 6pts.

Game 2 was vs Chris Stewart he was the second guy from Napier he was running British with a AVRE Churchill heavy tank. So buildings were a no go zone with that around.

My Vet infantry and Sherman went up one flank and everything else stayed central.

My sniper and At gun meet resistance at the hedge.

On the right side my .50cal and .30cal do their best to hold back the infantry advancing through the bushes until help can arrive.

My flanking maneuver on the right had gone well. AT gun and squad of infantry dispatched with.

The next turn though my flank march came to a grinding halt. I fired first but missed Chris didn't make the same mistake.

With my last AT asset gone the Churchill had free reign on the table but luckily the game ended before too much was killed.
Second game second good opponent. Good win Chris 6pts to 4pts.

Even though I had lost my first two games I quite enjoyed playing them vs so new opponents. But it was time to get out of the heat in that hall not helped but one of the event organizers turning on the heating thinking the controls were for air conditioning. Oh well home for the evening.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Trenchworx T-35 Land Battleship

My T-35 Land battleship from Trenchworx finally arrived in the post today and I must say im impressed with the detail on the model and the size of it. The tank came with all the parts neatly bubble wrapped each in their own bubble wrap bag. On the Plastic resin used for the hull and turrets there was very little in the way of mold lines and no imperfections like bubbling or warping I can see. The two 45mm gun turrets the main turret came with magnets to hold them on. There were two variants of 76mm gun for the T-35 main turret so there is magnets for that as well so the barrels are interchangeable. All the add on bits like hatches. gun barrels, exhausts and other bits were the white metal you get in most resin kits like Flames of War.

All the parts laid out

This tank had 11 crew 2 in each 45mm turret 1 in each MG turret, 3 in the main turret a driver and radio operator

Its almost twice as long as a Sherman but despite its size & class as a heavy tank in Bolt Action its classed as a medium tank.

Front on its a bit higher then a Sherman but im guessing King tigers and the like will be just as tall.

Well I must Say well done Trenchworx on a great model 5 out of 5.
Make sure to visit them at