Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Bolt action and Star wars armada at Natcon 2019

Next year the Kapiti war-gaming club is hosting the annual Natcon event held over each Easter weekend. Being a 3 day event I decided to run two competitions over the 3 days. On the Friday and Saturday I will be running A 1000pts Bolt Action tournament consisting of 5 rounds.
For Sunday I will be running a 400pts Star wars Armada tournament consisting of 3 rounds.

More details can be found on the Kapiti war games club website --- HERE

 Natcon 2019 Bolt Action

When - Friday 19th April and Saturday 20th April.
Where - Kapiti College sports and recreation center, Margaret Rd, Paraparaumu.
Games - 5 x 2hr games 3 on Friday 2 on Saturday. Played on 6x4 tables.
Registration - $40 if paid before 1 February 2019, $50 thereafter. Payment details                                                       will be sent once you have registered. Fill out this form to enter.
Event TO - John Fletcher. Email -
Opening  times - Venue doors will be open from 6pm on Thursday 18 April and from  7.30am on Friday 19th April for table setup. Doors will open at 7.30 each morning of  the tournament and close at 10pm each day.

- Please let me know what terrain and base cloth you can bring.
Missions - Will be from the second edition rule book. TBA

Armies - Lists to be submitted to the TO by Friday 22nd March 2019.
⦁    No more then 1000pts.
⦁    No Armored Platoons.
⦁    12 order dice Maximum.
⦁    Multiple companies are not allowed.
⦁    All armies are to be from Warlord games official books and PDFs prior to 22/3/2019. Easy army  can be used to build lists.

Game Scoring - Win 3pts, Draw 1pt, Loss 0pts.

What to Bring
⦁    Order dice, Tape measure, Dice, Pen.
⦁    Rule book, army book and army list.
⦁    Terrain, objective tokens, etc
⦁    Your painted army.

Prize Support - Dependent on player numbers.


Natcon 2019 Star wars Armada

When - Sunday 21st April.
Where - Kapiti College sports and recreation center, Margaret Rd, Paraparaumu.
Games - 3 x 2hr games on Sunday. Played on 6x3 play area.
Registration - $20 if paid before 1 February 2019, $25 thereafter. Payment details                                                    will be sent once you have registered. Fill out this form to enter
Event TO - John Fletcher. Email -
Opening  times - Venue doors will be open from 6pm on Thursday 18 April and from  7.30am on Friday 19th April for table setup. Doors will open at 7.30 each morning of  the tournament and close at 10pm each day.

Terrain - Please let me know what play mats you can bring.

⦁    No more then 400pts.
⦁    All the latest FAQ apply at the time of the event
⦁    No Super Star destroyers. Until more is known about them.
Game Scoring - Standard Fantasy flight games Star Wars armada MOV will be used.

What to Bring
⦁    Your ships and all cards required for your fleet
⦁    Rule book and copy of FAQ, A pen
⦁    3x3 or 3x6 Play mats

Prize Support - Dependent on player numbers.

Hope to see you there !!!

Monday, 8 October 2018

Star wars armada Lower Hutt open

On the 7th of October what I believe was the first Star Wars armada event in the Wellington region. We had 7 players in attendance 4 Playing relying on the might of the Imperial navy and 3 players mustering up the forces of the Rebel alliance. We had 3 games over the day all going without a problem. A good range of ships and admirals were in use from both sides and everyone had squadrons.

              Name                   Pts      MoV     Admiral                              Ships                                      

1st  - Mathew Collet        23pts     554       Screed      Imperial Star destroyer, Raider, Gladiator
2nd - Thomas Cole          23pts     387       Thrawn     2x Imperial star destroyers
3rd - Brent Fletcher         17pts     237       Screed      Gladiator, 3x Raiders, 2x Gozanti
4th - Iain Campbell         16pts     166       Ackbar     MC80 (Home one), Assault frigate, GR75, CR90
5th - Shane Fletcher        16pts     70         Rieekan    MC80 (Home one), MC30, CR90, GR75
6th - Michael Strudwick  14pts     275      Motti         Imperial star destroyer, Interdictor, Victory
7th - John Fletcher           14pts     140      Raddus      2x MC75, Mc30

Game one underway.

Brent's Fleet ready for action.

Thomas has his two ISD's bear down on Shane's Fleet.

Plenty of fighter support here for the support ships.

Imperial civil war as Thomas and Brent slug it out.

Rebel in fighting Shane and Iain's fleets clash.

Michael and Mathew's ships broadside each other.

Ready for deployment.

The Rebel infighting continues.

My MC75 drops in from hyperspace just behind the enemy.

A big thank you to everyone who turned up and helps pack up at the end. I look forward to running the next one in the future.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Panzerschreck 2018 Bolt Action

After missing Panzerschreck last year due to Flames of war moving onto V4 rules which I haven't liked, Panzerschreck this year had Bolt action on offer. It was 1000pts single reinforced platoon armies I finally had a chance to use my Soviets for the first time but more importantly my T-35.

Just 5 days out from the event the organizer and his 2ic helping him pulled out dew to personal reasons and the event was to be scrubbed. Not having ever ran an event I decided to take on the running of the event. With two people now pulled out that left just 6 of us so this seemed like a good chance to see how running a tournament was. As the person running Flames of war side of the event had already organized the hall and other bits all I had to do was sort prizes for our small comp.

Some laser cut trophies had already been done for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted and best sport. I would like to thank Scott Bowman who runs the Paraparaumu Beach pharmacy. He was kind enough to give some prize support for our little comp. So I gave him the honor of choosing the best painted army. I Also want to thank my brother Shane for the use of his 3D printer so I could make some bolt action blast templates with Panzerschreck 2018 on them.

As there was only 6 of us we played 5 games. Each player played each other once there was 3 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Game 1 - No mans land.
Game 2 - Key positions.
Game 3 - Meeting engagement.
Game 4 - Sectors.
Game 5 - Demolition.

There was a good mix of armies being used

Myself - Early war soviets - ( Hordes of SMG infantry and a T-35 )
Craig - US Airborne - ( With no armor but lots of AT )
Mark - Early war Finns - ( Sissi ski troops, Vickers 6 ton and BA10 )
Warren - Late war US - ( M26 Pershing and vet Paratroopers  )
Ken - Japanese - ( Lots of infantry)
Andrew - Winter Germans - ( Nasty nebelwerfer and Panther )

Games in progress.
Warren and Craig fighting over the V2 facility.
Warren and Andrews heavy armor clash.
Mark and Ken thinking over their next moves.
Warrens forces adopt a defensive posture.
My 45mm At gun is in a bit of trouble.
Hello say hello to my mass machine gun fire.
The Japanese ready to launch their banzai attack.
Try as he might the Bazookas eventually got the panther.
Airborne troops fight in the rail yard.
The Finns massed armor. ( If you can call it that ).
3inch At gun in over watch.
M26 Pershing looking for trouble.
The two horde armies face off Japs and Russians.
Finnish Artillery controlling the open ground.
Snipers take the high ground.
Fire again !!!
Recon in force.

Everyone had a great weekend even though it was a small field of players. Everyone said they would be keen for next year and with a bit more time I should be able to get more people entered.

1st - Andrew
2nd - Mark
3rd - Warren
Best painted - Andrew
Best Sport - Ken

I look forward to running another event it was a fun and different experience and very satisfying to of pulled it together in short time. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Panzerschreck 2018 Bolt action July 14th -15th

Bolt action at Panzerschreck 14th and 15th of July in Palmerston North 1000pts single reinforced platoon from any of the current books $25 pay on the day. 5 games 3 on Saturday 2 on Sunday.

Players pack

PANZERSHREK 2018 - Bolt Action
Palmerston North
14-15 July 2018

Map to Riverdale School
Go to:,175.5930083,17.32z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xfa85d06108fbf623
The event will consist of five rounds, with a time limit of 2 and a half hours per game. The event is a single platoon of 1000pts.

Tournament Organiser:
John Fletcher (Registration, Key Organiser, Army Lists, Queries)

Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North
Entry Fee:    $25.00per person. pay on the day

Venue Details:  
Food and soft drink available for purchase
Free tea and coffee
School grounds are non-smoking and will be enforced
School grounds are alcohol free and will be enforced
Ensure all rubbish is disposed of correctly

Army Lists:  
Lists are due July 12th. Players in competition are able to use any lists
Available on Check the latest FAQ when list writing.

1000pts is the standard limit. Armoured platoons are allowed (remembering armoured cannot hold objectives). Multiple companies are not allowed.

Table Size and Terrain
Games will be played on a 6x4 board.
If anyone has and is willing to supply a table of terrain, please inform me prior to the event.

Game scoring
Win 3pts
Draw 1pt
Loss 0pts
Mission Victory points from each game will be kept to work out possiable tie breakers

Competition Format
Each round consist of a time limit of 2.5hrs. This time is inclusive of terrain type determination, and any game relating scenario details (placing of objectives etc).
A 15min warning to end of game will be given to all players.
At the end of the 2.5hr period, dice are down. If the game is incomplete, both players will receive a draw.

Saturday 14th                                                           Time
Hall Open                                                                   0830
Pre-Event Briefing                                                     0845
Round 1        No Man’s Land (pg134)                     0900-1130                                                       
Round 2        Key Positions (pg136)                        1145-1415
Lunch break
Round 3        Meeting Engagement (pg135)         1515-1745

Sunday 15th
Round 4         Sectors (pg148)                                  0900-1130
Lunch Break
Round 5         Demolition (pg139)                           1200-1430
Clean up and Prize giving                                         1445

Please note, all players are expected to participate in clean up duties for the Bolt Action section of Panzershrek.

Monday, 18 June 2018

New American Equipment

With the rubbish weather some fresh US equipment has finally rolled off the production line today. I had started my M26 Pershing and my M20/M8 Greyhound a while back but only just got around to finishing them today.

The M26 Pershing. There is a friend with a Panther tank this this would like to meet.

M20 Greyhound with .50cal HMG
M8 Armored car with 37mm At gun and .50cal HMG

All my armor. M26 Pershing, M4 Sherman, M3 halftrack, M8 Scott/ M5 Stuart and M20/M8 Greyhound

Look forward to using these soon maybe in a practice game for Panzerschreck which is next month on the 14th and 15th of July.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Star wars Armada day

On Sunday I had decided to run a Star wars Armada game day. 6 players 2 games each there were 3 Imperial players and 3 Rebel players. So all matches would be Rebels vs Empire. I had decided on 300pts each to keep the games a bit shorter. The standard is 400pts normally which is what ill run next time as i'm also toying with the idea of running a casual event possibly.

As Mark and Andrew were still new to the game and yet to buy into it I supplied them with a fleet each. For the Rebels I had myself, Michael and Andrew and for the Imperials it was Mark, Brent, and Warren. At the end of each game I noted down margin of victory and kept track of the points for each player and a team total for each faction.

Game 1 table 1 - Andrew's MC80, Phoenix home and CR90 vs Brent's 4 Imperial Raiders. A narrow victory to Brent in terms of points killed. 5-5

Game 1 table 2 - My MC75 and yet to hyperspace in MC30 vs Mark's 2 Victory class star destroyers and Gladiator. Mark won 7-3 killing my MC75 and most of my squadrons. I killed his Gladiator.

Game 1 table 3 - Warren's Imperial class star destroyer and Gladiator vs Michael's 2 CR90's Phoenix home and MC30. Warren won 7-3

A good First round for the Imperial team leading 19-11 after round 1. After a quick break we started round 2. I would be playing Brent Warren would be playing Andrew and Mark would be playing Michael.

Game 2 table 1 - Mark and Michael go head on at each other. Mark comes out on top 6-4.

Game 2 table 2 - Brent wanted to try a different list with Thrawn running just an ISD and 11 squadrons of fighters. I got 4 HP off the ISD and killed 4 squadrons. In the end it was too much and my 4 squadrons were no match for his 11. Having just my MC30 left alive I lost 8-2.
Game 2 table 3 - Warren and Andrew faced off with the two flag ships going at it in the end the Imperial class star destroyer was too much. I believe only the CR90 was left for Andrew in the end. Warren won 9-1.

Well with the Imperial players winning all the games the points were just a formality. Well done Warren on the overall points haul to be the top Admiral.

Team Points
Imperial - 42pts
Rebel - 18
Individual Points
Warren - 16pts
Mark - 13pts
Brent - 13pts
Michael - 7pts
Andrew - 6pts
John - 5pts

A lot of fun was had over all the points tally wasn't the aim of the day it was more to just get some games and cement the rules. Three of the players had played less then 3 games so doing one after the other was good practice. And I felt keeping the points was just to see how the points system worked for running an event.

It looks like Ill be making a return to Panzerschreck this year but not to play Flames of war but to play Bolt action instead. I hope to finally give my early war Russians a go with their T-35.
Panzerschreck is on the 14th and 15th of July in Palmerston North. It will be 5 rounds 1000pts 2.5hrs per game single platoon armored platoons accepted.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Star wars Armada Terrain

Just thought I would show off some of the terrain I have been making for Star wars armada. It just adds a little depth to the game rather then flying around cardboard tokens.

5 asteroid clusters and 2 space stations.
A base hidden in an asteroid.
A commerce station of sorts.

These just sit on the card cutouts so you still know when you are over lapping the. They are all made from a high density blue foam. Just chipped and hacked away to look natural.