Friday, 28 March 2014

Natcon 2014 almost there

Well Natcon 2014 in Christchurch is only a few weeks away Looking forward to the trip down Going to run with my soviet Heavy assault gun company. I have everything but the OT-34's painted I should get them in the post in the next day or so. I'm hoping this army is as good at anti infantry as it should be at anti tank.

My self and a friend are flying down together on the 17th of April and back on the 21st we will be playing 8 games over 3 days. I'm hoping with this army it will be good and just forcing its way up one flank with the 85mm covering the rear for AA fire and objectives the recon will cover any ambush spots for the ISU assault guns and the flame tanks toasting any one on the objective while being covered by the ISU guns. Only thing that bothers me if i have to defend with reserves having at least half platoons off means 3 platoons off and only 2 on but being a tank army i'm hoping ill be attacking most of the time.