Tuesday, 3 November 2015

X-wing skirmish 100pts

Well its been a while between post so since I have recently done up a board for X-wing I thought I better get my good friend Michael around for a game. I went Imperial and Mike went Rebel. I wanted to use some ships i had bought but not really used much or at all so made the following 100pts list.

TIE Fighter - Mauler Mithel (17)
Skill - When attacking at Range 1, roll 1 additional attack die.
Upgrades - Outmaneuver (3)

Micheal ran a B-wing an E-wing and a Y-wing with a twin laser turret. I don't recall what upgrades he had on everything.

My 3'' x 4'' board with 3'' x 3'' play area. Has white speckled paint to look like a star field but hard to see in the photo.

First 2 turns we tried to get around each others flanks.

The first round of combat I got Michael's B-wing down to 2 hit points while my defender took just one hit.

The next round only Lord Vader could see the B-wing but couldn't finish it off but the other three ships killed the E-wing in one barrage of fire. Mike's evade dice were non-existent.

Next round Mike's B-with still limping around took out Mauler Mithel and my defender got to work on the Y-wing.

I expected the B-wing to come to help the Y-wing but he didn't so my ships over shot him meaning he survived another round and took out my second tie fighter. But as the B-wing was out of the pic down went the Y-wing.

We positioned for the final duel but Mike couldn't keep up his B-wings heroics much longer.

with the final volley of shots coming from the proton rockets on the tie advance giving me 5 attack dice Michael's B-wings fate was sealed.

So a good game just to get back into it again all be it a bit one sided in the first 2 rounds of combat but fun was had non the less.


  1. What did you make your mat our playing surface out of?

    1. Well for flames of war I use two 3''x 4'' boards to make a 6''x 4'' table. So one one of them I Painted like they have a Cerberus games with out the planets.