Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Valleycon AAR Part 1

Valleycon 2016 was held over the weekend with only 17 people entered there was going to be bye round. But my good friend Warren was at Valleycon but wasn't playing as he wanted to watch some Bolt action games as we were going to get into that for our next project. So with Warren there the TO asked him if he could make the player numbers even. So he was given a British armored company to play and as he had never played anything other then Germans he was in for a different weekend then normal. And as it happened I played him in the first game so lets get to it.

Game - 1
Player - Warren Hart
Army - British Armor
Mission - Encounter
Left flank my 45mm AT guns vs Warren's Cruiser tanks and my KV in the middle.
The right flank Warren's other Cruiser tanks vs my Strelkovy platoon.
My AT guns got 1 round of shooting in only bailed 2 tanks warren with massed MG fire killed 4 and the other 2 ran.
My Strelkovy I forgot to dig in and the second turn didn't dig in this signed their death warrants.
An assault and shooting phase later I had fled off table my KV wasn't able to get to ether flank to save in in time.

So Warren Bagged the 3pts (We were getting 3pts for a win 0 for a loss and 0 for a draw) for the win. We were still keeping the battlefront score for tie breaks which was 6-1 to warren. With the good firepower rolls by Warren and bad rolls by me I was hopping that this wasn't going to set the tone for the weekend.

Game - 2
Player - Steve Hill
Army - Finnish Infantry
Mission - Free for all

Deployment on my right flank Strelkovy and AT guns with my barbed wire.
My left flank which had another Strelkovy and my AA guns.
My KV, Strelkovy and Sappers moved up the middle only for the sappers to be killed off very quickly

After Steve had sprung his special ambush I began moving my second Strelkovy platoon up to assault the objective.

Meanwhile in the centre my troops where being chewed up quite badly after a failed assault I didn't have much left there.

The last of that platoon died but I got my wave attack so back they all came for a new try.

My second Strelkovy platoon never quite got into combat before our time was up we managed 7 turns though but neither of us broke so a draw 0pts and a 1-1 BF score.

So 2 of 7 games down ill bring you the next two tomorrow games 3 and 4. A fighting withdrawal and Breakthrough missions.

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