Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valleycon AAR part 2

After the first two games not netting me much in the way of results I was hoping for some better dice in the next game.

Game - 3
Player - Pat McShane
Army - German Panzerschutze
Mission - Fighting Withdrawal

My left flank was held down by my KV and unarmed sappers with their barbed wire covering the one objective at this end of the table.

The other end was defended by my two Strelkovy platoons AA guns and my 45mm guns in ambush.

Pat's Pz4's and HMG teams advanced up under cover of the woods in front of me. But when he showed his forces my AT guns appeared from ambush and dealt to his Pz4s swiftly. His MG42's killed one AT gun in reply.

One of Pat's infantry platoons started to move to where my unarmed sappers were as I had pulled them off on my turn 3 but my KV kept them at bay.

His second infantry platoon moved towards my infantry killing an AA gun with the support of His PaK38's. But with the KV dealing to the other infantry and in my next turn i killed off this platoon his army broke.

SO at the end of round 3 I had got myself on the board with a win giving me 3pts and a 6-1 win for the BF score to determine tie breaks.

Game - 4
Player - Richard Steer
Army - British Armoured Car company.
Mission - Breakthrough
I forgot to take some pics at the beginning but I was defending these armored cars came one at the first roll Richard had. While my infantry held up his main force as long as possible my unarmed sappers hid until help could arrive.
Meanwhile Richards main force had broken through my barbed wire.My 2 AA guns there had fallen to his 25pdrs. Best I could hope for was keep my infantry dug in and hold the line as best as I could.

 Next reserves roll bought on his next platoon my AT guns where still not in position yet to deal to them and my KV had only killed one so far.

While my initial deployment of my AT guns kept Richards force pushed back they where too far from were they where needed. The 25pdrs where also picking off a few of them as well.

KV-1 getting A hit but not enough to hold up the attack.

The armored cars and 25pdrs combined killed off my AT guns and they took a fair few infantry with them.

At this point Richard had both objectives and I could do very little to stop him.

So at the end of Day one I had 3 comp points and 9 BF points the so here was hoping for a better day two.

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