Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valleycon assorted photos

Just a selection for photos from the event two week ago (I know should of been up sooner).

First off the Flames of war.

The Nick Garden Memorial Trophy. With a Staghound atop for which Nick was known for using in a lot of his armies.

Alex McEwen's German Verlastet Panzers.

Richard Steer's British Armored Cars (Best Painted).

Phillip Mellor's Soviet Infantry.

My Soviet Masses.
Warren Hart's British tanks (Borrowed Army).

Steve Hill's Finnish Infantry.

Bob Pearce's British tanks.

German Infantry.

Pat McShane's German Shutzen.

Tom Leamy's Japanese Infantry.

Some Bolt Action

Japanese Infantry

German Grenadier squad

US soldiers.

Some Ancients.


A WW1 demo game that was set somewhere in Gallipoli.

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