Friday, 5 February 2016

Valleycon AAR Part 3

Well with Day one behind me I was hoping for a good run to the end so with a fresh set of dice I set out my army for the army parade which ill show later then got into the first game of the day.

Game - 5
Player - Simon Taylor
Army - German panzer army
Mission - Dust up

My set up was my AA guns on the hill overlooking the two objectives and my AT guns and 1 infantry squad below on the objectives. Simon's Tanks in the first turn doubled up behind the forest to get into a good position for turn 2.

In my first turn I had managed to move some AT guns into a counter position for the coming assault.Turn 2 Simon assaulted with his platoon and company command.

After 3 rounds of assault and drawing a lot of troops in and killing them I finished off the platoon and his C.O.

Simon's first two turns of reserves rolls got him a platoon each turn. The first one i killed two tanks (lucky I left some AT guns facing that way after the first assault from the other way).
Mean while I had also got 2 lots of reserves on and MY KV got stuck at the fist was it found and those infantry of Simon's turned around very quickly.

Mean while Simon was putting pressure on my defenses and my AT guns were not doing a job that should of been easy for them. It wasn't looking good.

Simon was down to 3 tanks but had finished off my infantry platoon.
My next turn and a wave attack rolled in just in time. My AT guns killed another 2 tanks and broke Simon's company

But not before Simon's men got the monster KV the Biggest tank in the comp and Simon was the only one to kill it.
So another 3pts to me and a 5-2 BF score for my tie break points this was a fun game as always with Simon could of gone ether way.

Game - 6
Player - Che Tibby
Army - French Armour
Mission - Cauldron

As I was defending I had my KV on one objective and my infantry on another and my AT guns in immediate ambush.

Unfortunately the R-35 tanks got away thanks to their thick armor. No matter I already had them on the run. 

My first reserves arrive on turn 3 and 2 of the Panhard armored cars bite the dust in assault.

My AT guns slowly move through the forest they started in and start to pick off one or two R-35 tanks. Meanwhile my AA guns come on behind the infantry and bail one of the armored cars. And with their +5 save and no gun shield they survive 12 MG shots to live another turn.

The KV moves in on the Char-B's

The Char's kill a few more infantry. But with the AA gun surviving it kills the last 2 Panhard's and with that breaking Che's army.
Che's army never really gained a good foot hold to launch an attack from and my reserves coming on early helped a lot. So 3 more points in the bag and a 6-1 win for my BF points.

Game - 7
Player - Phillip Mellor
Army - Soviet strelkovy (Fearless trained)
Mission - No Retreat

I was defending I had one strelkovy platoon, AA guns and sapper on table.

Dug in and awaiting the coming Soviet storm.

My first reserves arrive as Phillip's masses close in on my first line of defense.

One of Philip's IL-2 sneak through all my AA fire and Bail my KV.

OPEN FIRE. As Phillip's men begin the gaping process I unleash on his me in the open.

Oh no he only take a turn to get through no matter im dug in and my KV is back in the fight.

A very successful turn of shooting keeping his men pinned and knocking out one platoon. His don't get wave attack luckily.

Phillip Presses on with his AT guns and medium mortars digging some men out.
I charge with my second platoon of men and wipe out the remnants of his strelkovy platoon and press on towards his support weapons. finally breaking his army.

So a solid defense in this Soviet civil war netting me the 3pts and a 6-1 BF score. So my second day was much better then the first which helped push me back up the table. with 4 wins a drwa and 2 losses I was quite happy with the weekend. Will put up the army pics and general pics of the weekend in the next day or two. Have a great Waitangi weekend.

Final Results.

1. Ken Camel; German Pioneers
2. Steve Hill; Finnish Infantry
3. David Wilson; Slovak Tanks
4. Bob Pearce; British Tanks (M3 Stuart)
5. Sofia Chambers; Soviet Tanks
6. Alex McEwen; German Verlastet Panzers
7. Richard Steer; British Armoured Cars (Best Painted)
8. John Fletcher; Soviet Infantry
9. Warren Hart; British Tanks (A9)
10. Alistair Ramsden; NZ Divisional Cavalry
11. Daniel Wilson; British Tanks (M13/40)

12. Simon Taylor; German Shutzen
13. Mark Taylor; German Verlastet Panzers
14. Tom Leamy; Japanese Infantry
15. Che Tibby; French Armour
16. Tony Bates; German Shutzen
17. Phillip Mellor; Soviet Infantry
18. Pat McShane; German Shutzen.


  1. looks like you had a great 2nd day there John, supply wagon come in handy on that last game i see.

    1. Thanks Mark this was the first time I had used it in a list I defiantly felt it gave you some more tactical options on the table.