Wednesday, 13 January 2016

X-wing skirmish Part 1

Last week Michael and I had two games of X-wing I went the Imperial Navy and Michael went the Rebel alliance. As we were playing two games we decided the winner must keep his list the same and the loser could modify their list as they see fit to try and beat opposing list. We might try this a little more often to see how a list goes when faced with a list that is designed to beat it.

My build was a Tie defender and small Tie swarm

Michael's List 2 x Z-95, 2 x A-wings and An HWK-290.

The setup

In the first round of shooting I take down a Z-95 and take some damage.

A misjudgement of mine lands a Tie fighter on an asteroid while Mike makes quick work of one of my other Tie fighters.

The following round finds me lose Mauler Mithel while I down the HWK.

The dogfight continues as a 3v3 for a turn or two then I loss both Tie fighters.

With only my Tie defender left albeit undamaged there is a lot of work to do here.

The next turn down goes an A-wing

Starting to take damage I quickly dispatch with the other A-wing leaving it a 1v1

The Bandit squadron pilot is no match for Rexler Brath in his Tie defender.

While it came down the a 1v1 a Defender vs a Z-95 was always a one sided match. So with myself getting the win Michael took a few mins to rework his list for round 2.

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