Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Call to arms Battle report Game 3

Game 3 - Breakthrough 

Round 3 was vs Graham Henderson and his New Zealanders a Commonwealth Infantry Company from the Hellfire and Back book similar make up to my army 2 tanks lots of infantry and gun should be a even fight.

 New Zealand Commonwealth Infantry Company
  • Rifle Company HQ (NZ), 2 Rifle
  • Rifle Platoon (NZ), 7 Rifle/MG (Sticky Bombs), Light Mortar, Anti-tank Rifle
  • Rifle Platoon (NZ), 7 Rifle/MG (Sticky Bombs), Light Mortar, Anti-tank Rifle
  • Carrier Platoon (NZ), 3 Universal Carriers
  • Mortar Platoon (NZ), Rifle, Observer Rifle, 4 ML 3" Mortar
  • Matilda Tank Platoon, 2 Matilda II
  • Anti-tank Platoon, Royal Artillery (NZ), Rifle, 4 OQF 2 pdr
  • Field Battery, Royal Artillery (NZ), Rifle, Observer Rifle, Staff, 4 OQF 18/25 pdr
  • Light Anti-aircraft Platoon (NZ), Rifle, 2 Bofors 40mm 
I was the defender so i split my force half want on one side and half on the other with the tanks in the middle to harass the enemy. While Graham kept his Bofors, Matilda's and Carrier platoon off table in delayed reserves.

First turn i moved all the infantry toward the objectives. leaving behind the 2 maxim HMG and AT gun platoon to hold up that flank while the rest of the men got into position. The tanks moved towards the enemy to MG some troops but one getting bogged on the first hedge i had tried to cross all day.

With Graham's troops on the edge of the wheat field on the far side of the table my artillery was able to catch some men and 2pdr guns in the open killing a few. I managed to free the land battleship from the hedge and moved up to carry on blocking the advance.

On turn 4 Graham's first reserves arrived and because i was having a bit of success with my conscript Artillery i had forgotten about the Matilda's in reserve. So my AT9 Arty guns which I had put into this list for the sole purpose of dealing with such tanks where in the wrong place.

With the Arty in the wrong place i decided to try and swamp the two tanks with an assault leaving them with nowhere to run and capturing them. This lead to a mass shooting of my troops by none other then my kommissar. Failing tank terror every time eventually causing my platoon to run. And eventually my AT guns on that flank as well.(sorry about the blury pic)

So while my Rear Guard action worked with no losses I should of backed up me men better where his reserves where to arrive. Although i did eventually bail a Matilda. We did time out in the end meaning a 4-3 win to me.  

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