Saturday, 23 August 2014

Call to arms Battle report Game 5

Game 5 - No retreat

The 5th and final round was a technically blue on blue vs Alex Martin with his German motorcycle recon army. Although give it a year or two and the Russian's and German's will be fighting anyway might as well get it out of the way now.

German Kradschutzen
  • Kradschutzenkompanie HQ, 2 Motorcycle SMG
  • Krad Platoon, 9 Motorcycle MG, Motorcycle light mortar
  • Krad Platoon, 9 Motorcycle MG, Motorcycle light mortar
  • Krad Machine-gun platoon, MG, 2 HMG Motorcycles
  • Panzer III Platoon, 1 Panzer III G, 2 Panzer III H
  • Anti-tank Gun Platoon, SMG, 3 Pak38 5cm and Transports

The objective i placed at the rear covered by the 20 stand infantry platoon.

The objective Alex placed covered by the 30 stand infantry platoon with 1 platoon of 45mm AT guns in ambush.

After recon moves Alex dismounts and continues to move forward. I spring my ambush on the Panzer 3's not being able to bring all 4 guns to face one of them faced the other flank. After firing at full ROF all the panzer's came out untouched although the other gun killed 2 of the 3 Pak38's.

Tanks return fire killing most of the guns the infantry assault and finish them off taking 2 stands of infantry with them.

Tanks move around the side of the platoon and start to assault taking a few stands each time. I really need my reserves.

On turn 5 finally get 1 platoon on so i bring on the Battleships it would be their 2nd turn on before they could do anything. Mean while the Panzer's keep chewing through a few more stands of men.

One of Alex's infantry platoons advances to link up with the panzer's to help land the killing blow on my by now battered platoon.

After 2 assaults i force both his tanks and infantry back while my kommissar keep the men in check.

The 2 Maxim HMG's from the second platoon open up on the infantry in the street killing off 5 stands of men. The T-35s move up into position with a hail of MG fire killing a few more infantry.

By now the rest of my force had arrived with Alex just moving onto the objective after killing my infantry platoon i needed to act fast. My AT guns move up and fire killing 1 bailing 1.

The T-35s move in to contest the objective my infantry platoon wave attacked although the game was to end due to time being up. So they played no further part in the game.

 The game ended in a 5-2 win for me with just the loss of just the AT gun platoon. After not being able to deal with the panzer's with my ambush i had no way of dealing with them as i couldn't seem to hit the broad side of a barn even in assault. So i counted myself very lucky to get away with that game.

So after all the dice had settled i finished 9th equal i enjoyed the weekend made some new friends and contacts. Caught up with some people I hadn't seen in a long time and had some good fun. Managed to sell a few bits on the bring and buy table as well which is also nice.

The final scores.

1st Isaac Henderson (generalship) 30 Japanese, 3rd Sensha Rentai, RS
2nd Brett Mudgway - 25 German, Leichte Panzerkompanie, HaB
3rd Bede Bailey - 24 German, Gebirgsjager, BE
4th Mark Stanton - 23 Polish, Batalion Piechoty, Bk
5th = Sofia Chambers - 22 French, Compagnie de Combat, Bk
5th = Simon McBeth - 22 NZ, Div Cav, HaB
5th = Damien Tyson - 22 Finnish, Mannerheim Line Fortified Company, RS
8th Paul Waechter - 21 British, Honey Armoured Squadron, HaB
9th = John Fletcher - 20 Soviet, Strekovy Batalon, RS
9th = Rob Shirley - 20 Soviet, Strelkovy Batalon, RS
11th = Graham Henderson - 19 NZ, Commonwealth Infantry, HaB
11th = Jayden Howell - 19 Japanese, Hohei Chutai, RS
13th Andrew Stanton - 17 Italian, Compagnia Motociclisti, HaB
14th = Alex Martin - 16 German, Kradschutzen, HaB
14th = Ken Camel - 16 German, Panzerpionierekompanie, HaB
14th = Rhys Mudgway - 16 German, Leichte Panzerkompanie, HaB
17th Warren Hart - 15 German, SS Infantriekompanie, Bk
18th David Wilson - 13 French, Escardron Reconnaissance, Bk
19th Tony Bates - 9 German, Gebirgsjager, BE
20th Adam Trapski - 8 Soviet, Heavy Tankovy Batalon, RS

Book Popularity
Hellfire and Back! 8
Rising Sun 6
Blitzkrieg 4
Burning Empires 2

Everyone received the maximum sports vote of 25. To turn this into your overall score then, multiply your generalship by 3 and add 25, so Isaac had an overall score of 115 and Brett 100.

Best Painted
Simon McBeth 9 votes
Isaac Henderson 5 votes
Bede Bailey 4 votes
Mark Stanton 2 votes

Best Sport

Simon McBeth
14 players picked up at least one sports vote


  1. A good result in that game and in the tournament overall John. I did consider taking Soviets myself, but I thought I might get frustrated by the Confident Conscript rating. You seemed to make them work alright though, I might have to give them a go sometime. Cheers, Paul :-)

  2. Confident Conscript isn't that bad if your willing to shoot your own men with your Kommisar lol over the course of the weekend i would of shoot about 20ish men