Monday, 13 October 2014

The Hutt club ODO FOW comp Game 1

The ODO (One day open) comp the Upper Hutt war gaming club ran was a Flames of war 1100pts Mid war comp with the only restriction being that No top armour 2 tanks were aloud. There was a bonus VP for a win meaning a max of 7 points on offer each game.
I decided to run with my Americans as i havent used them much this year. This was my list.

US Tank Company (C/T)

HQ 2 x M5A1 Stuart
Tank Platoon 4 x M5A1 Stuart
Tank Platoon 4 x M5A1 Stuart
Armoured Mortar Platoon full strength with .50cals
Recon Platoon 1 x M2 Halftrack with .50cal, 2 Jeeps + bazooka
Self-propelled Anti-tank Platoon 2x M10 3in GMC
AA Artillery SP Platoon 2 x T28E1 CGMC (37mm)

Game 1 Free for all

My first game was vs Bede who kindly run this fun event he was running soviets.

Soviet Tank Battalion

HQ 1 x T-34 (F/C)
Medium Tankovy Company 4 x T-34, 3 x T-34/57 (F/C)
Light Tankovy Company 5 x M3A1 Stuarts (F/C)
Light Armoured Car Company 3 x BA-64 two upgraded to hull mounted PTRD-41 (F/T)
Assault Gun Company 4 x SU-122 (F/C)

Deployment i was on the right bede on the left and my recon move up behind the church.

On the far flank i soon learned some lesons about the american TD's and when to spring their ambush. The stuarts down their hold position and the ones in the middle move so they can go where needed. My AA recon and 2iC at this end of the table moved up under cover.

My mortars smoke the T-34s keeping them moving so their hen and chicks could help me as my lack of AT couldn't. The Stuart's fall back to regroup

I start to surround the SU122's putting the prussre on this flank knowing the other flank wont hold long. Bede's stuars in the centre come in to help the SU122's from over the bridge

After some lucky dice my M5 stuart's dispatch with inferour M3 Stuart's quickly my 2iC kills an assault gun. My recon moves up ready to unload the troops and go in for an assault.

Meanwhile on this flank things get worse with needing to contest the objective I move my M5's into the woods only to have 2 bog down. Leaving only 2 tanks to try and fend off 7 T-34's and with me unable to kill his recon yet my TD's are nowhere to be seen.

At this point I had managed to kill the SU122's and recon before Bede claimed the objective forcing a company morale check which he failed if he had passed i would of lost as i couldn't drive him off the objective. So in the end it was a 5-3 win to me but i had to work for it and sweat a bit as well.

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  1. Nice work John! You had to work hard to hold back the red tide there.