Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Hutt club ODO FOW comp Game 3

Game 3 was Dust up Vs fellow blogger Paul Waechter @ reddogofwar he was running a British armoured force. I wasn't sure how i would go in this one as my 2 M10s would struggle to take out 6 Sherman's but you never know till the dice are rolled.

NZ Div Cav

HQ 2 x Stuarts (C/V)
Div Cav Plt 3 x Stuarts (C/V)
Div Cav Plt 3 x Universal Carriers, two with extra MGs (C/V)
Heavy Armoured Plt 3 x Sherman's (C/T)
Heavy Armoured Plt 3 x Sherman's (C/T)

Deployment I had TD's dismounted mortars and a platoon of Stuart's on. Paul had his 2 platoons of Sherman's on.

Turn one Paul moved up but nothing was in sight so it was quickly my turn. I decided to spring my TD's now hoping to get a few lucky shots off first all did though was bail 1 tank.

Paul's Sherman's remounted and returned serve hitting home knocking out both M10's. But in response i got some side shots on the Sherman's with my 37mm guns using stabilisers knocking one out and bailing another.

With his one Sherman not remounting and the others failing to land a blow on the Stuart's I quickly redeployed closer to my objective and bailed another Sherman.

My reserves came on in time to link up with my other Stuart's and knock out his 2iC but failed to make any more inroads on the Sherman's. At this point my CO had to pass 2 bogging checks to get to Paul's objective just to contest it to keep the game going. But i knew this would only give me 1 turn.
Paul's Stuart's and carrier platoon arrive on table and dispatch with my CO meaning after my next turn it would be over ans i couldn't get close enough to contest the objective. On the other flank Paul's CO and a Sherman killed 2 Stuart's and bailed another forcing them to rout.

So in my final throw of the dice my 37mm AA guns came on but they were too late to be of any great use. My 3 remaining Stuart's fired at weakened Sherman platoon and killed another forcing them to pack their bags giving me a point.

Paul out muscled me 6-2 with a bonus point for the win i think if i where to do this again i would drop the M10's, mortars and recon and put a Sherman platoon in for the better firepower and staying power.

Simon McBeth was 1st, with Bede getting second place and Paul finishing third (I would like to think i helped him lol) it was a great days gaming as there isn't much this time of the year i look forward to the next one.


  1. Nice write up John. I was convinced you were going to grab an objective before me, especially when one of my Sherman platoons stayed stranded for a turn with two bailed tanks! I hope there are more of these one day events, they're lots of fun.

  2. Good stuff John, good to see you come away with a few wins. Looks like it was a fun wee tournament.

    1. It was more of these one day events would be great maybe even themed