Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Hutt club ODO FOW comp Game 2

Game 2 was No retreat vs Russell Briant i had played Russell at 3 other events this year plus a few friendlies. He was running an infantry company so i knew i would be attacking so with the speed of my light tanks i wanted to get in quickly before his reserves arrived.

Russell's list

New Zealand Motor Rifle Company (C/V)

Full Infantry Platoon
Full Infantry Platoon
Carrier Platoon with 2 x carrier, 1 x carrier with PIAT
Ant-Tank Platoon 4 x 6pdr
Anti-Tank Platoon Royal Artillery 2 x 17pdr
Field Battery Royal Artillery 4 x 25pdr

Russell started with 25pdrs, 6pdr portee trucks (in ambush) and a infantry platoon on table. All my Stuart's raced up to the objectives ready to assault the few men that where there weathering the few 25pdr shots in defencive fire.

After the defencive fire and assault i had lost 2 Stuart's and 1 bogged. But i captured the 2 25pdrs and killed the stand of men that where by the objective. In Russell's first turn he sprung his ambush and returned fire.

The ambush finished off the Stuart platoon which had assaulted and my recon mopped up his CO and platoon commander from the infantry platoon.

The 3rd turn i sprung my TDs but only killed one 6pdr portee and their platoon command but not before Russell knocked out my 2nd Stuart platoon. And with both the portee's and infantry needing platoon morale checks which failed. This meant that the company morale would fail as the CO had been killed already.

 So a second win 5-3 with a bonus point could of been different if my assaults had of failed in turn 1. A good result in game 3 would mean a possible podium finish and it would be dust up for the mission not one of my best missions but ill give it a red hot go.


  1. Great report and photos John!

  2. A tough and brutal game! You did very well to get a result :-)