Friday, 30 January 2015

US Heavy Armour finally

Well with the Remagen book finally bringing the Pershing and not to mention the Super Pershing to life i could finally use my old Pershing models i had bought when i was playing V1 of FOW. The Pershing is very much like the panther in game terms but with 1 extra side armour and a .50cal on the roof. But the Super Pershing gives me a bit extra punch and staying power with front armour 13 side 6 top 2. The man gun is 100cm/40'' which for an American player finally means you can out range some targets for once. And with ROF 2 AT 16 and FP 3+ there isn't too much that can stand up to it very well it also has the .50cal as well what doesn't in the US armoury. Both tanks have the tank telephones and smoke ammunition the Super Pershing is over loaded though but this only effects bogging rolls so not to much of an issue.

I have been working on one of my old Pershing's and converting it to a Super Pershing with the hope that if i am to play Late war at Natcon I would be using it. Having last used these models about 15 odd years i hope they haven't forgotten how to fight.


The stabiliser springs on top of the spaced armour should of been off centre so i had to take them off and reattach them.

The Platoon coming to get you at a table near you!


  1. Nice work John! These things look like they'll be a real handful. Expensive, but certainly add a new dimension to the Americans.

    1. For the standard Pershing 200pts a piece up to 5 in a platoon and the Super Pershing 275pts one only. You can have only a single platoon of them in a tank company of mechanized company.