Monday, 26 January 2015

Valleycon 2015 Day 1 game 1

Well Valleycon is over for another year and it was a great turnout for the event for the Hutt Club. It was a beautiful summers day so it was perfect for war gaming we had 2 days ahead of us of 5 games. Three on Saturday and two on Sunday. The missions to be played where pre published so people could build armies to suit. As all the missions where mobile battles, fair fights with only 1 defensive battle i went with a very mobile force US Armored Division My army. I apologise for the bad photos for the first days reports as i forgot my camera so was using my phone camera which i hadn't used before so didn't know how good it would be.

Game 1 - Free for all

My first opponent of the day was Ken Camel this would be a blue on blue affair as he was using US infantry I had played Ken twice before once at Valleycon 2013 and at Fracas when it was held in Shannon.
The setup my forces on the left Kens on the right

I massed my forces on the left flank hoping to force my way through. Only leaving my mortars, AA and 2iC to hold the fort on the right flank with Sherman's just to the right of this shot.

Ken got the first turn not much else but movement. So on my turn everything but the mortars charged across the table.

An arty strike forced me to dismount in a hurry with one armoured rifle platoon while the Sherman's started to soften up the enemy for the assault that lay ahead after knocking out all 3 of Ken's Sherman's

Ken moved up his infantry through the middle of the table my AA taking shots at them as the skies where clear of enemy birds. I had moved the Sherman's double time across the table to help the 2iC forcing the pressure on this flank and hopefully relieving it on the other

Ken lost 1 recon jeep to my Sherman's as the raced past but i didn't take the bait and pressed on to the objective. Wading into assault killing a few men but having to regroup after taking a hit but no matter everyone was still intact. Victory was in sight.

Meanwhile back with the main force i had managed to knock out one of the 105's but the slow progress meant that my Sherman's where taking more hits them i would of liked and with them being kept bailed i could hit back with force.

In the centre that bait that i let slip past earlier was starting to cause problems which i thought my mortar half tracks could deal with. No matter i was sure this wouldn't pose a threat long enough.

I had broken through his lines with a swift assault and forced his infantry back off the objective. Surely this was the game tied up.

My left flank however with all the manpower in the world wasn't going anywhere and casualty's where starting to mount up. The CO was dead a whole Sherman platoon was bailed and the armored rifles where both battered but hanging in.

My AA half tracks went back the help the mortars just as an insurance policy. One thing i had forgotten about on this flank was about to bight me on the ass that house on the right of shot had an artillery OP in it. My platoon of Sherman's that where on the objective where about to in a world of pain.

My Sherman's finally ran on the left flank and my game winning stroke was in tatters on the right flank as a 105 arty strike managed to knock out 2 Sherman's bail 1 and force the last one to run. and Ken's jeeps managed to capture the objective after killing the AA and knocking out the armoured mortars command they where unable to move.

So after a bloody but fun fight it was 6-2 to Ken with a bonus point to the victor. i think i had done more damage then the score line shows. But in this instant it was all down to those 4 Sherman's dieing with one bombardment had that not happened who knows. Well played Ken.


  1. That was definitely closer than the score would suggest! Good write up and a well played game. Always better to die going for the win :-)

    1. Yea it was my most enjoyable game of the weekend i think the fact that 3/4 of my army was stalled by some arty and 1 squad of men. But yet 1 platoon on the other side walked right through almost wining the game for me. And in this game there was movement on all parts of the table were as in most games the combat is contained to one part of the table.