Saturday, 3 January 2015

Valleycon 2015 Pratice games

Fellow Blogger and gamer Paul (Dog of war) hosted some flames of war games at his place for some practice for Valleycon 2015. He invited myself Warren and Brett for some games. We got 2 games in and as we knew what the missions would be for the event we decided to play one of them but not free for all as well all felt we had enough experience with that mission. Game 1 we played Breakthrough i was matched up vs Brett first up he had bought a company of tigers with him. I think this was because i had commented on Paul's blog earlier about his game vs Bob and his tigers and i said i would struggle with the US tank list i was going to use. So he decided to see if that were the case ''loose lips sink ships''. Warren and Paul played each other on the other table. Warren was using German pioneers with supporting AT guns 88's and Panzer 3's. and Paul using Soviets.

US Tank
Tank Company, from North Africa
Tank Company HQ M4 Sherman, 2iC M4 Sherman (230 pts)
- Warrior Harmon (40 pts)

Tank Platoon - Command M4 Sherman, 2x M4 Sherman (345 pts)
Tank Platoon - Command M4 Sherman, 2x M4 Sherman (345 pts)

Armoured Mortar Platoon - Command Carbine, M2 half-track with .50 cal AA MG,
- 3x M4 81mm MMC (80 pts)
- 2x Equip M4 81mm MMC with .50 cal AA MG (10 pts)

Armoured Rifle Platoon - Command Rifle, 5x Rifle, 2x M1919 LMG, M2 60mm mortar, 2x M3 half-track equipped with .50 cal AA MG, 3x M3 half-track equipped with AA MG (175 pts)
- Replace M3 37mm gun with Bazooka (0 pts)
- Bazooka (20 pts)

Armoured Rifle Platoon - Command Rifle, 5x Rifle, 2x M1919 LMG, M2 60mm mortar, 2x M3 half-track equipped with .50 cal AA MG, 3x M3 half-track equipped with AA MG (175 pts)
- Replace M3 37mm gun with Bazooka (0 pts)

AA Artillery SP Platoon  - Command M13 MGMC (Twin .50cal), T28E1 CGMC (37mm) (75 pts)
- Replace M13 MGMC (Twin .50cal) with T28E1 CGMC (37mm) (5 pts)

1500 Points, 6 Platoons

Game 1 Breakthrough

Setup i was defending so i left the half tracks off table so i could get as much on as possible. The Brummbar where Proxy Tigers. 
Silly me forgetting that he was yet to place his CO after my 2 HQ tanks so turn one the 2iC bought it.

My first attempt at rolling for reserves netted me 3 Sherman's coming on strait away i would get my revenge on his CO. Mean while his infantry your making good use of his mounted assault rules vs my men which just fell like domino's.

Don't worry the CO in his M4 will save the day as he raced away from the CO Tiger managed to kill 1 half track only.

All 6 75mm shells just bounced off the side of the tiger he turned his gun to face killed one and bailed another.
Playing Cat and mouse with the big cat just wasn't working.

The 2 tigers and Brett's infantry turned their attention to my second Infantry platoon. I killed 2 more half tracks and 1 stand of infantry before they them selves were killed.

The Sherman's on the far side of the table had finally got some shots off at one of the other tigers. Again doing nothing aside form letting them know i was there.

My AA half tracks had come on at this point with the armoured mortars. And so did Brett's mobile AA he got the first shot off and killed both in one salvo.

With the AA biting the bullet that Broke my army giving Brett a 6-1 win. I think on a more dense table with building's, forest's, wall's and such i might of done better. But its good to see how i go on all table types as you never know what you might get at an event.

As my men had fell like domino's it was fitting we had pizza for lunch and just had some good old banter while having some nice cold orange juice as it was quite a hot day. Good war gaming weather lol.

Game 2 Pincer
The second game was pincer a mission we all decided was the one we had all least played so we gave that a go. I was Playing Paul in this one and as he was a big horde of soviet troops i would be attacking. This i felt was good i had built this army around speed and movement so a good test lay ahead.

The set up every thing on the right flank bar one platoon of armoured infantry on the left. Paul started with 1 massive infantry platoon with an attached 45mm AT gun plus about 8 sappers, 3 KV-1's and a platoon of 45mm AT guns in ambush.

I charged forward with General Harmon and a platoon of Sherman's to get into assault on the first turn. I had smoked the KV's so their defencive fire would be ineffective and for once what i planed in my head actually worked. After a few rounds of combat I had killed about 4 stands of men for the loss of 3 Sherman's not a great start.

Paul had his first turn and sprung his ambush on my half tracks on both flanks knocking out 3 in one platoon which killed 4 men. And 1 in the platoon on the far side luckily no one was killed.

The platoon on its own did far better then the flank that had all the brass leading the charge. They won an assault and kept me in the game for another turn as it was turning to custard on my main attack.

Paul managed to kill enough to force company morale and with all my officers dead the attack collapsed. Although i as on the objective from turn one i just couldn't budge Paul off it and he did it all with half his army Well Done that man. So a 6-1 win to Paul

On Paper I feel the army looked good the only thing it maybe lacked is Recon but i didn't find i needed it in these to games. I Still like the army but maybe with a tinker i can find that little something to get it across the line. hopefully i can get 1 more game in before Valleycon. Was still a great day spent with like minded people enjoying some toy soldiers.


  1. Nice write ups John. It didn't go your way on the day, but those are often the most valuable practice games. To be fair, you did get tough match-ups, and our game could have changed significantly if I'd failed a few morale checks. I really like the mobility of your list, it will be a handful in Free For All and Dust Up, and probably do well in Counter Attack too - all ValleyCon missions that we didn't play!

  2. Well Breakthrough that we play could of been another story if i was the attacker and the tigers defended as he would of had his dismounted infantry and 2 tigers and that would of been it. so yea i still think the list is good i did learn some things to keep in mind .