Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Parade Ground

I Finally got a decent cabinet to put all my war gaming models in. All Thanks to mum and dad moving house and wanting to get rid of some excess stuff. So I said ill take that.

Top row the Jerries and FSA Dystopian wars, Second row more krauts, Third row the Communists and the fourth row the Yanks as you can see some Sherman's are missing as they are in my army bag for Valleycon next weekend.

I'm going to need a bigger cabinet.

My Russians are the only army were i could fit in some of the infantry. Still have more of them ans my US, German and British that I'm still working on.

Well now that the wall cabinet is cleared out i can now put all my modelling gear in it instead of on top of it and all around the computer room. Theres alot of stuff in that cabinet that has yet to be used in any comps I'm hoping this year that i can try to more away from the more traditional armies. Ive always liked using the more weird or least used things like the Katyusha, T34 Calliope, T-35 land battleship, Moblewagon and things like that. Tomorrow I believe the Valleycon lists are due in so ill be getting that off to Nick who is running the Flames of war comp. I will put up some pics of what I'm taking to Valleycon shortly and why Ive chosen what I'm taking.


  1. Score! That's ideal for your collection, except that you've filled it already :-)

    1. yea theres a few gaps on the bottom shelf for a few bits and pieces but i now need another one.

  2. Looking good John, I would need a few of them cabinets to display my model collection.
    Good to see another who likes the weird models ... KV2 and ZIS-30 being my favourite
    See you at Valleycon

    1. Kv-2's are next on my odd ball list with that over sized turret. Are you playing at Vallecon or just popping in for a visit either way will be good to see ya.