Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years eve gaming

Yes I'm a boring person while everyone else is out having new years celebrations I'm at home doing what i enjoy gaming. I'm a big scifi fan and of the 2 main space base franchises i side on the Trekkie side although i do like Star wars as well. My brother is also a Trekkie and when the gaming company wizkids launched Star Trek Attack wing he was strait in and buying it as i had the X-wing game we both decided that he would collect Attack wing and i would collect X-wing. Star Trek attack wing uses the same manoeuvre and turn system the X-wing uses (I believe they bought the rights to use it) so for me it was easy to pick up. There where some differences in game play and list building and things like torpedoes become inactive and not a once use item (You must use your one action a turn to rearm them if you choose) .

Where a X-wing is a 2 player game Attack wing is 2 or more players as there is many races in the Star Trek universe. Most of which are playable some have more options then others.
  • The Federation
  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Valcan
  • Borg
  • The Dominion
  • Species 8472
  • Kazon
  • Mirror Universe ( Evil Federation ) 
I went The Klingon's and Shane went the Dominion we played a 100pts game which would give you 3 reasonable ships or if you want basic ships maybe 5. But unlike X-wing these are ships with anywhere from 20 crew to 200 not fighters so the ships have more firepower but also more hit points.

The set up Klingons to the left Dominion to the right "today is a good day to die"

The Negh'Var Battleship to the right and the K't'inga class battle cruiser.

My battleship and cruiser engage Shane's 2nd Division Cruiser (Purple ship) and the Gar Portas (Sliver ship)

My D-7 Class Battle cruiser engages Shane's 5th Wing patrol ship.

Cat and mouse in between the asteroid's shots where exchanged and damage to both sides done.

The D-7 dealt with the patrol ship with a torpedo volley very quickly and moved to help the sole surviving K't'inga

At this point my Negh'Var Battleship had bit the space dust and so had Shane's Gar Portas so it was 2 onto 1

The battle ended with Shane's last ship dying but not before both of mine had suffered heavy damage.
Well after my first game of attack wing i must say that i enjoyed it not because i won but because i could finally play a Star trek table top ship game. Well after a good years gaming time to look forward to the year ahead. Have some games lined on the 2nd of Jan with some fellow war gamers in a bid to practise for Valleycon 1500pts mid war. I'm going to go some good old US Armour supported by a swarm of half track mounted infantry and other goodies.

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