Sunday, 15 March 2015

Natcon 2015 Army

Well with the odd points level for Natcon this year for late war being 1450 I could find a list that worked for me. So I switched to early war with it being 1550pts I thought it would be a good time to try out the new Barbarossa book. I'm going to fly up to Auckland on Thursday night the 2nd of April and meet up with Mark and Andrew Stanton two fellow war gamers and great friends I have known for a long time and with finding accommodation close to the venue we wont have to worry about driving to and from the venue each day. Here is what i came up with for my 4th tilt at a Natcon event.

Motostrelkovy Batalon (Confident Conscript)

Battalion HQ + 2 x 45mm obr 1937 AT guns 90pts

Combat Companies
Motostrelkovy company with 3 Motor rifle platoons 260pts 
Motostrelkovy company with 3 Motor rifle platoons 260pts
Motostrelkovy Machine gun company 8 x Maksin HMG 155pts 
Motostrelkovy Mortar company 6 x 82-BM-41 90pts

Divisional Support 
Motorised Artillery Battalion 4 x 76mm obr 1902/30 235pts
Guards Rocket mortar Battalion 4 x BM-8 Katyusha + Crew and OP 130pts (Confident Trained)
Anti-Aircraft company 2 x 37mm obr 1939 AA guns + trucks 75pts 
KV Tankovy Company 1 x KV-1 obr 1939 255pts

Total     1550pts

The army as a whole just a few bits to finish.

The Battalion Komissar, 2iC and AT guns

The lone bit of armour in my army I'm hoping it has the same effect as a king tiger does in late war.

The mortars and artillery guns although these with be in an anti-tank role with ROF2, AT9 and FP3+ they should do the job.

Ahh the BM-8 Katyusha each of these with their crew count as four guns firing. And under the rocket rules for 16 weapons firing that's a devastating bombardment template with re-rolls and they count as fearless trained.

The Air sweeping service these should keep the Huns out of the skies

At full ROF there is 48 shots here could even make a mess of some of that light early war armour.
I'm hopping that these big chunky platoons will be able to take the punishment as well as dish it out. With 3 platoons being able to bombard not that they all will be anyway who says the US are the only ones that can have an artillery park. As i found last year at Call to arms even though you are conscript infantry if your defending and dug in your still very hard to shift.And with these large platoons I'm hoping that in missions with reserves ill still have enough models on table to counter anything.

I'm hoping to get a game in the coming weekend if anyone wants to show me the error of my ways just so i know what I'm doing with this massive horde.


  1. Great looking army John. You certainly get a lot of toys to play with when you go Confident Conscript! I look at how little I get with my Barbarossa Panzers and just shudder at the thought of trying to get through that lot :-)

    1. Well having lots on table to counter the bad dice rolling I'm bound to roll a few sixes with all that. Well thats the plan anyway

  2. Looking good John, nice basing with the guns and hmg platoons.
    I too will need another practice game as Andrew dished out a horrible 6-1 win against me with his Romanian R-2 tank horde ... my little T-60's got slaughtered and the KV-2 got killed by artillery fire...
    I will email you too see if we can arrange a game

    1. Thanks Mark I'm always trying to improve my modeling. My only concern is that a lot of my army is gun teams (lots of +5 saves). I will need a lot of digging in i think. A game would be good if possible 1 hit out should be enough. As they have been saying on the forums practice games is cheating lol.