Friday, 17 April 2015

The Saga Begins

To day it finally arrived. No not the star wars trailer you see what I did there. My Saga figures finally arrived from Wayland games after a 2 and a half month wait. After a game with fellow blogger Mark Stanton I was hooked. There is quite a few different factions in Saga covering the dark ages.

- Vikings
- Anglo-Danish
- Normans
- Welsh
- Anglo-Saxons
- Bretons
- Jomsvikings (Viking sub-faction)
- Scots
- Irish 
- Norse-Gaels 
- Franks
- Strathclyde Welsh.
- Arabs (non-official faction)
- Byzantines
- Skraelings

liked the look of the Vikings so I decided on them they just look cool with their fur cloaks and all that facial hair ''hey it works for Chuck Norris why not for my Vikings''

Each force comes with a battle board with skills on it some offencive some defencive and some counter the opponents skills this is where yous saga dice come in. There is about 5 types of dice for example the Vikings, Jomsvikings and Norse-Gaels share the same dice symbols.
These Viking dice are used on you battle board

This is the battle board that you use for your orders some orders are easier to do then others.
Ragnar lothbrok my warlord.

Viking Hirdmen these are my elites.

Viking Berserker's These guys a psycho assault guys with little regard for their own lives.

Viking Bondi and Levies I got 8 sprues of these enough for my warriors and archers.

Well there is an event in Thames at the end of next month called NICON they are hoping to run a saga event if they get it up and running I will go hopefully with they guys in tow.


  1. Exciting times! I love playing my Vikings in SAGA. Even if you don't win the game you always seem to be able to do some damage and have a good time. Good luck with the painting, looking forward to seeing the results :-)

    1. Thanks Paul how often do you play saga its something I could give you a game of next time im in the area.

  2. Looking good John, need to have a game sometime, my Anglo-saxons would be a nice historical matchup to play against

    1. Thanks Mark. Yea defiantly we will have to sort out something soon by the time we get a game in I should have my warlord 4 hirdmen and 4 beserkers painted.