Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Natcon AAR Day 1 game 2 and 3

The second game of the day was vs good friend and fellow room mate for the weekend Andrew Stanton. He would be using a Romanian tank company and we would be playing free for all.

The set up I'm on the left Andrew on the right.

Andrew got the first turn not much in his turn to report but in my turn i moved my KV-1. My katyusha scored a hit on both of his infantry platoons causing enough kill in one to break the unit.

Andrew presses on with his attack on this flank with his AT guns and a tank platoon.

Out of my AA guns sight my KV was taken out by Andrew's air support.

Andrew moved up his tanks and with my AA guns not digging in and wanting to get revenge on my katyusha killed 3 out of the 4 of them. This would cause them to run.

My 45mm AT guns Bailed a few tanks as they advanced up the table.

Andrew assaulted in with his tanks and i would have none of it fending them off and killing one.

Another round of AT fire and I bailed the other 2 tanks in one platoon. So with out a moment to lose I move in for the kill.
With that assault complete I looked to move on to the objective just ahead knowing these marauding tanks would break my army soon.

Mean while on the far left flank the next wave of tanks moves in towards my mortar platoon killing half of them in a lucky round of shooting.

With my mortars dead i was now making company morale tests and with my first roll i failed.

 At the end of the battle Andrew had earned a hard fought 5-3 win there where a few bits of the battle i had forgotten to take snaps of where my 76mm At guns died and me killing the 2nd tank platoon for my second point. But it was a fun battle none the less as all ways with Andrew.

The Third Game was No Retreat and this would be vs Adam Trapski. He was using a German grenadier company we rolled off and I would be defending.

Adam's infantry moved up through the field and his armour used the woods for cover as they moved up with infantry support.

My first turn I got infantry reserves. And the second turn they continued their advance.

Meanwhile the T-34 tried to bait the KV-1 out for the bunker flak to kill.

My 76mm At guns open up on the 2 StuG's killing them with volley fire.
The bunker Flak waits for its Prey.

The T-34 pulled back from the KV but I got one shot off with my AT guns and bailed him out.
The lucky T-34 survives to fight another turn.

Its a stalemate on this flank with a few rifle shots being exchanged.

Adam decided to make a move and assault but i fended him off in defencive fire. He took quite a few casualties.
At the same time he charged on his other flank but i countered with my KV killing a few and pinning them. He very quickly dug in to stay alive and in my half of the table as turn 6 was fast approaching.

In my turn i fired a few more shots and caused a few more deaths.

With Adam managing to dig in his troops I decided to charge in with my masses.

My turn five i decided to move in and evict the Germans from their foxholes and push on to the still bailed T-34.

And on this flank I move in to finish the last bit of the German resistance and consolidated into a position to stop him getting into my half of the table. This forced one of the end conditions to the battle which was if the defender started any turn from turn six onwards he would win the battle.
So after a good go at it Adam fell at the final hurdle handing me a 7-1 win. I think the amount of pricey units in Adam's army played against him creating a small force in where any losses would be hard to recover from. It was a great game none the less.


  1. A good finish to the day there John. The Free For All sounds like total carnage and chaos! I'd hate to be attacking your force with infantry in a No Retreat. You've got some pretty potent shooting. Looking forward to more :-)

    1. Well that was the idea of the force having the volume of fire to counter the fact i'm a conscript army as long as i survive the first round of shooting that is.