Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Natcon AAR Day 2 game 4 and 5

A new day dawned and after some late night board gaming with the Stanton brothers I arrived ready for the days battles although a little tire from the lack of sleep.
The first game for the day would be Hold the line and I would facing Noel Black who was one of the 3 players to make the trek up from Invercargill in the deep south. He was running a Japanese infantry list I had my work cut out for me as i knew i had to kill every last man to break his army.

My defensive formation dug in and ready for what would be a hard fight

The Japs are coming the Japs are coming. Noel decided to attack at night.

Under the cover of darkness he moved his troops up on my undefended flank.

his second turn he continued the advance by this time my KV moved across to slow hos advance. In the process killing one tank and bailing the other.

Mean while his observers where able to spot my men in their trenches and called in his heavy 150mm artillery killing a few men in the process. But more importantly pinning me as he was prepping for an assault.

Managing to unpin though i was able to light up some tanks with some well placed volley fire from my 45mm AT guns. Killing 3 was enough to rout the platoon. Noel's infantry would go so quietly though.

As his second platoon advanced my KV had to pull back as that infantry was full of tank busting infantry although I had picked off a few men by now.

Noel's other infantry were not so lucky the had go close enough and i opened up with the katyusha's and infantry then assaulted wiping then out but not before taking massive losses myself. Those Japs know how to fight in hand to hand. 

Mean while this platoon of infantry just wouldn't go quietly I through everything at them.

Noel's Flank attack was working well they now mowed through my 76mm guns and towards the objective. And being turn fire i finally got my first reserves so on came the HMG's and it was still night fighting.

His infantry managed to get the KV in the end as he got to the objective and i had to contest and he killed it in assault which was the straw that broke my army as the C.O had died already.

Another Bloody battle but a well deserved win to Noel and his forces a 5-3 win to him. I think having the 76mm Artillery guns on table wasn't needed I should of gone with the HMG platoon to cover the other flank but it was a good game all the same.

Game 5 would be vs Issac Henderson he was sporting some Soviet T-34's T-60's and some unarmed sappers we would be playing counter attack and as I was infantry and Issac was tanks I would be defending. With my previous encounter with Issac i was expecting and hard and fast battle and this one would be no exception.

The setup my troops ready to move to the objective on the right had side of the table. my katyusha's where off table in reserve. Issac's forces where deployed for a full frontal assault.

Issac's first turn the T-60s get into assault but i bail one and in defensive fire and he only kills 2 teams I hold me ground fend them off and kill the bailed tank. The T-34's kill one 76mm gun.

My Katyusha's also arrive first turn on the far side of the table.

I spring my 45mm guns from ambush an knock out 3 more T-60's my 76mm guns bail 2 T-34's and my mortars kill over half the sappers forcing a platoon morale check.

With the sappers failing their morale test the T'-34's Kill another 76mm gun the T-60's try their luck again in assault.

I fend off another assault from the T-60's this time inflicting a kill forcing a platoon morale test and forcing them to run. Now all Issac has left is the T-34's.

Before Issac can knock out the last of the 76mm guns they take 2 of his T-34's with them. But his 57mm T-34 is causing my KV-1 some problems.

My AA guns fail to knock out both of Issac's aircraft that come in with one getting through and knocking out the KV-1. with only 3 tanks left I decide to charge my infantry at them to go in for the kill.

Mean while my other platoon moves at the double to get the objective and dig in on it should it be needed to win the game.

I charge the lone T-34 as one had pulled back.

Defencive fire only kills one team I get a hit and it goes through. This causes Issac's company to collapse and the game to end.

Yet another bloody battle But i held on for a 5-3 win I must admit i was a little thrown off by the direct and maybe a little reckless approach that Issac took but he almost pulled it off and it did make for a great game. Roll on the next one.


  1. Two tight, exciting games! That's what I like about EW, you have to get up close and personal to get the job done more often than not.

    1. Yea I find early war much more tactical then mid and especially late where you just use massive firepower. It makes for much better games.