Monday, 6 April 2015

Natcon AAR Day 1 Game 1 and army Parade

After a flight up on Thursday night and a good nights sleep I arrived and my 4th Natcon Event this time in Auckland. It was an early war event with a points limit of 1550 and a field of 12 people for the Flames of war event coming from Invercargill, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, and even 1 from Australia.

My first game would be vs Rob Sadler who was using the British LRDG ( Long range desert group ) Lots of men mounted in Jeeps accompanied by some commandos. We would be playing Hasty attack first up.

As i was infantry and Rob was Mechanized i was defending so I had half on half off. I kept on my 2 Big infantry platoons. HMG platoon and the Katyusha rocket trucks.

Rob makes his recce moves with his whole army on one flank.

Then makes his first move I managed a well placed devastating katyusha bombardment but failed to hit any one.

I also started to move everyone on the left flank to the other side of the table to help as soon as possible.

Rob's 2nd turn of shooting pins me and kills the Katyusha platoon then he charges in for the assault killing about 7 stands of men. In reply for the assault also drawing my men out of the building into the open I do manage to kill 5 of his jeeps from 2 different platoons.

More Jeeps arrive for the second and final push into my lines this assault didn't go well as he pushed me off the objective. In my turn i failed to unpin and not getting some reserves at the right time meant i couldn't contest the objective and lost the game in 4 turns.
Rob got a well deserved 7-1 win ( A bonus point for all wins this weekend ).
Not a good start to the event but it can only get better. I hope.

Here's some of the armies that where attending.

My Soviet Masses.

Sir we have thrown a track.

Russell Briant's British infantry company.

Noel Black's Japanese.

Mark Stanton's Soviet Tankovy. ( Best Painted )

The monster KV-2

Andrew Stanton's Romanian Tanks

Look both ways when crossing the tracks you never know when an armored train might come.

Peter Black's British Tank company.

Steven Falconer's German Infantry. The only list to not bring any tanks or transport. the only wheels these guys had was some supply wagons.

Rob Sadler's LRDG ( Long Range Desert Group )


  1. Tough game first up. It would have been very difficult to get your weight of numbers to bear on such a terrain filled table. No reserves didn't help you much either! I love your thrown-track marker, that's very cool :-)

    1. I had never faced this force before and having +3 saves made them a tougher army to face then I though. Thanks as i only had the one tank i decided to make one with the bail crew I had.