Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A weekend of X-Wing AAR

I spent the Sunday and Monday playing some X-wing with my brothers Brent and Shane and friend Michael. The first game we played was a 200pts aside 2v2 game Shane and myself were in command of the rebel fleet while Brent and Michael where the evil forces of the Imperial.

Brent with his light sabre reinforcing who's in charge of the empire

The setup Empire scattered right across the table with lots of tie fighters some interceptors a tie bomber and a shuttle. Shane with his falcon, x-wing and HWK-290 and me with 2 B-wings and an x-wing.

Fist turn and the empire move to swarm the falcon and x-wings giving the B-wings a wide birth. All because of their auto blasters.

The B-wings being this far from the action would take its toll on our force.

Shane has a lot of work to do to fend off this massive onslaught from Brent and Michael. As my x-wing would be downed very early in the game.

The B-wings fly straight through the asteroid field as quick as possible to help

The fight centres around the falcon piloted by Chewbacca

The B-wings down a Tie but still not in the fight

With the falcon and the 2 x-wings out of the way Brent and Michael turned their attention on my B-wings. Amazingly the HWK-290 was still alive at this point one of the most un-manoeuvrable ships on the table

By now we had downed the shuttle, Tie bomber, and one interceptor. but we had lost much early.

In the end it was a major victory to the Empire well done Brent and Michael.

I had a big part in losing it for me and Shane by deploying the 2 B-wings too far away on the flank hoping to draw their forces and split their lines. This meant when they didn't take the bait I was out of the battle for too long. All in all a lot of fun was had.


  1. Not evil, just forces of differing opinion, like how ours preferred to live :D It was a fun weekend!

    I'd also like to mention we played our escalation lists against one another and John won most games 3-1. Showed me what I need to adjust in my list :) Thanks for the great weekend guys.

    1. I will put up the other battles we did in a day or so just havent had the time

    2. It wasn't a request to do so, I was just being a good sport and mentioning you had your share of wins that weekend too :)