Thursday, 9 April 2015

Natcon AAR Day 2 game 6

The final game of the day was vs Peter Black he was using A British tank company full of Cruiser tanks and Vicker's light tanks not a Matilda in sight. We would be playing Dust Up for the final game of the day.

My set up covering the two objectives would be 1 infantry platoon my 76mm guns the KV and AA guns these would be in an AT role.

Peter's set up with all his tanks main guns having no HE and his highest AT value at 7 my KV and infantry would be fairly safe unless i did something stupid.

First turn I moved the KV at the double towards the objective to put the pressure on early.

The vickers high tail it out of there knowing they cant hurt it.

Peter then uses his close support tanks to smoke the KV. ''This could be a problem''

My turn 3 and reserves turn up so i bring on the infantry hoping their shear size will keep them alive

Peter gets his first reserves on but wont go into town with all the AT assets there until he has to. With my KV having to move from the smoke all the time hitting anything is almost impossible.

turn 4 not much happened but turn five i have my whole force on and with all these gun teams in the open and not dug in his vickers move in for the kill.

I move my infantry to assault one one platoon and kill one forcing them back. Luckily the vickers didn't  get anyone that turn but would you please dig in.

The vickers tanks from the centre of the table move in to help with the swarm of infantry killing quite a few.

Meanwhile my KV is in a target rich environment and cant hit the broad side of a barn mainly because of the content smoke screen being put on him each turn.

My make a move to get my KV behind the forest where i can see the vickers but out of sight of the smoking guns. Although he is too late to help the infantry.

At last the KV killed something finishing off the first vickers platoon. Hold on katyusha's.
Sadly the KV is too late the Katyusha's are gone and the mortar platoon is down to a man who flees in the end.

Now that my army is at a point where another platoon would break it he moves into the city for the final kill.

A hail of machine gun fire kills one AA gun but not before they knock out 1 cruiser tank and the 45mm At gun kills a whole platoon at the other end of the road.

The vickers move in to finish off whats left of the platoon that is left this puts me an break point.

Lucky for me I pass but time is up before we can inflict anymore kills on each other.
In the end it was a 3-3 draw but i think if we had gone on much longer i would of broke before Peter did. At the start of this battle i saw all the No HE notes on his army list and lack of AT this just goes to show you should never underestimate you opponent. Well it was a decent haul of points for day 2 which would hopefully stand me in good stead for a strong finish on day 3.


  1. Your strength in numbers served you well there! The British tanks really suffer with lots of no HE tanks in EW. It does make you look at different ways to get the job done though. Very entertaining stuff so far, looking forward to day three :-)

    1. My strength in numbers was only just enough to not have the game end earlier. I Will have day 3 up tomorrow thanks for reading Paul

  2. Good reporting there John, Peter did the same tactic of using smoke to cover my T-34's or KV2 and going for the little T-60 tanks ... I was a tad lucky in that game against him, as the T-60's were very good at staying alive.