Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Russians are comming

Well i finally found enough Early war 45mm Antitank guns from about 3 different places for my soviets still waiting on the zis-3 guns to arrive and man is the T-35 tank a massive Beast now just have to paint it all for Call to arms hope to get in a few Practice games in before then. Ive had 1 game so far vs Mark which was a loss but a bloody game for both sides. The wave attack rule worked well working out what guns to fire from the T-35 was Tricky at time as half my army was Proxy stuff at the time.
My modelling table

From top - T-35, T-34, Panzer 4

Still to be finished troops


  1. Looking good mate. That T-35 is huge when placed against the T-34, you have about two tanks worth of painting in each one. That game we played was a good game, if I didn't get the reserves on in that turn, I think I was in troble
    If you dont get the ZIS guns in time let me know

  2. I was tempted to bring Soviets to Call to Arms, but I've got for a Honey Armoured Squadron instead. Great to see the Red menace will be represented! That T-35 is a beast, looking forward to seeing it on the table-top! Cheers, Paul :-)

  3. I got my Zis guns yesterday finally if i had got this stuff just after i had ordered it all this would of been painted by now and i would be doing some stuff for Fracas mainly Patton.