Tuesday, 29 July 2014

CTA Army ready willing and able.

Well maybe not able that's down to the dice. Well this is my CTA 2014 army ready for battle.
I don't think ill get any practice games before had only had 1 about 2 months ago and 80% of the army was proxy. And for the record it was a loss.
My 6 platoon Giant ive been told not to expect much time between games as ill be spending alot of time packing and unpacking.

My 2 platoons of 45mm AT guns.

My 76mm Arty although most of the time it will be in an antitank role as its AT9 ROF2 good for dealing with Matilda's and Char B's

T-35s so absurd I had to use them

The smaller of the 2 infantry platoons you can tell them apart from the other by the tree stumps on them.


  1. Nice job on those John, there's certainly enough of them! I don't fancy taking on all those AT guns, and will probably need extra ammo for all that infantry. They may be conscripts, but I reckon you'll give a few people a hard time! Cheers, Paul :-)

  2. Looking good John, nice winter basing. So many AT7 shots with volley fire ! good job I have only one platoon of tanks.

    Expect to get tired of putting casualties away and then unpacking with the wave attack rule and then repacking again - have done this many times before now with the old Early war Strelkovy lists of old.

    1. are you using the same army that you played me with at the club. And I do believe you told me about the whole packing away and unpacking already.