Friday, 4 July 2014

Panzerschrek 2014

Well this years Panzerschrek XIV is just a week away I will be Teaming up with my good friend Warren again for our 3rd tilt at this unique event which is a doubles tournament we will be Team SourKrauts. In our first Panzerschrek we finished dead last we improved last year finishing 17th out of 24 teams. At 2000pts a team each person gets 1000pts to Play with the ability to give your team mate 100 of your pts so one could have 900pts and the other 1100pts if you wanted. You could take 2 armies out of any 2 books or Pdf's although the 2 forces had to be historical Allies so you couldn't have one with Americans and one with German's. Warren and myself went with Germans again this year He went with a Mechanised force from the Eastern front Panzer Brigade's Pdf and i went with an Armoured force for the Desperate measures Book.

My Tank Swarm

Warren's Force with NGFS all be it German.


  1. Looking good, great to see the Panzer IV G being used, there's a lot of them !
    Be careful not to loose your spotter team for your Naval fire

  2. opps just notices that the list i put up there should have the Shurtzen at tank riders on the HQ panzer DOH!