Friday, 18 July 2014

Panzerschreck XIV 2014 All over for another year

Well after a hard fought weekend (with my dice more then anything) Myself and Warren found ourselves finishing in 17th place out of 18 teams oh well was sill fun to get in a full weekends gaming a well as some board games in the evening.

Game 1
The mission was hasty attack vs Joseph Kelly (Kom. Piechoty) and Russell Briant (Can Rifle co)
most if not all of this game was contained in just 2ft of one end of the table although we all had reserves with the defenders deploying first they were spread out to cover all 3 objectives. so we went for the opposite flank that the 4 x 6pdr guns were on knowing that we only have to deal with his immediate ambush 17pdr's and making the rest of his army move. Two turns in we had killed 2 17pdrs with massed MG fire from the panzer 4's a turn later one with Naval Gunfire then over running the last one. By this time our AA 3.7cm guns had shot down about 5 spitfire's and we had cleared the way for Warren's Half track borne infantry and flame throwers. As we got onto the objective some of their reserves arrived right where we didn't need them a platoon of 3 Sherman's and a Firefly with a but of luck they killed only 2 panzer 4's my return fire killed the firefly and 2 Sherman's. By this time most of our reserves had arrived and we were on top of the objective but in the end time run out and the victory going to the defenders 5-2
The Right flank battle


  1. That was a tough one to lose John. If you had another half an hour it looked like you would have taken it out.

    1. Yeah we had only lost 1 platoon at the end and some of their army was still to come on and the rest was still coming down the table.

  2. Yep with more time you would of secured the objective , you still did better than Andy and myself, we ended up with 1-6 Loss against these two ... oh well always next time