Saturday, 19 July 2014

Game 2 Panzershreck 2014

2nd mission was no retreat vs Josh Forrester (Lorried Rifle Battalion - 7th Armoured) and
Mike Clement (Desert Rats Armoured Squadron). We were attacking and placed our objective on a hill in the open which was defended by an infantry platoon there was a platoon of tanks on the other side of the table and some 6pdr's in ambush. This was to be the 2nd of four British armies we faced.
in the first turn we charged forward as quick as we could towards the closest objective with our recon screening for ambushes ahead of us. Our 3.7cm AA once again driving off every aircraft to grace the table for 65pts they were great at cancelling out 150pts worth of planes. At the speed we had moved forward our opponents had to revel their ambush early before we over ran their position. They open fired and killed a couple of panzer's from one platoon and bailing one other luckily my panzer's where enjoying the war and passed their morale checks. We counted the ambush with massed stationary firepower from the main guns of the panzer's killing 3 of of the 6pdrs and the last one running. By this point our opponents had manoeuvred their tank platoon on the other side of the table to put pressure on my left flank. While the 75mm Sherman's missed the 17pdr firefly open up on me and hit twice luckily this was an early one so AT13 and at long range i could save on 6's and managed to do so. With him failing firepower on both he failed to bail me out. By this time we where assaulting onto the objective with the tanks and flame throwers pushing them off the objective another platoon of tanks had come on taking a panzer or two out at this stage but was to little to late. It was A lucky 6-1 win to us in the end that was to be the height of our achievements for the weekend.

Our charge forward


  1. Nice work. Sometimes when you're attacking you just have to throw it all in there and hope for the best!

  2. yea but some of the shocking dice i had i wouldnt of mattered if i charged 4000pts at them lol

  3. We had the same problem on day two, as we were passing morale checks all day on day one and not passing any on day two.