Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Games 3, 4 and 5 Panzershreck.

Game 3 was a Free for all vs Simon McBeth (Parachute Rifle Company) and Chris Otton (Armoured Squadron 7th Armoured). This game was all over in 3 turns i was on the left flank warren on the right while he held his objective on his flank i was going to try and smash through the left flank with my 13 panzer's and his cannon half tracks. Turn one i moved out to engage the 2 armoured platoons with all my tanks not killing a single one Warren's NGFS didn't do anything ether in their return fire they killed 8 of my panzer's in the first turn. Of course the 1 platoon that could storm trooper with the company commander failed to do so and was wiped out. Turn 2 in the haste to get out of LOS as it had gone pear shaped so quickly I hod to do some bogging rolls for hedges to get out of LOS or into cover 2 more panzer's got bogged which got them killed. On Warren's flank not much had happened he managed to kill a recon squad but nothing else It did seem for the 3rd game in a roll my tanks where trying to do all the heavy lifting them selves. At the start of our turn 3 i had to check company morale and failed even with my re-roll so the blood bath ended in a 5-2 loss.

Game 4 was Fighting withdrawal vs Andre Jacobs and Craig Ramsey both sporting Identical (Legkiy Samokhodniy Artileriskiy Polk) Assault gun company's. We were defending in this on which suited us just fine not having to move using full rate of fire while soviets move and shoot with the hen and chicks rule sounded good to us (oh boy where we wrong). Turn one for them they had bailed 2 tanks of mine not to bad i thought as i had protected ammo which worked when it came to our turn one. Their tanks where still nicely bunched as they bottle necked between two forests with our NGFS O.P. having a clear line of sight to them needing 3+ to range in we actually did on the first attempt for the first time that weekend and hitting 6 tanks under the template things looked good then he rolled his 6 saves. Andre rolled a 5 and five 6's meaning only 1 tank was bailed out from a AT6 FP1+ Arty unit that sort of set the tone for what was to come. I open fired turn after turn on hist horde of T-34's killing maybe 2 a turn i was losing the same each turn but i had 13 tanks they had 24 tanks on the one flank the rate of attrition was to great. So warren launched an attack on Craig's Assault guns by assaulting them to drive them back he killed 1 and a half platoons of then in assault with panzerfausts as they had no defencive fire. Hopping this would take the pressure off me for a bit to slow the loss of tanks it was to little to late again Being another 5-2 loss.
Craig and Andre had identical armies it was 2 of these.

Game 5 was Breakthrough vs Nick Garden (Divisional Cavalry) and Tim Ward (Armoured Squadron)
as all 4 of us looked over the table each others lists and the mission rules we all realised that who ever would be defending would only have 2 platoons on table because both side where fully armoured (although we could dismount out infantry to get 4 platoons on) there for making it an uphill battle for the defender. Both sides rolled for attacked and defender and we were defending could you tell i rolled that one lol. So with that settled we had out 2 dismounted infantry platoons a panzer platoon and out 3.7cm flak guns. The infantry deployed right on the boarder of the table quarter with the objectives in it my tanks held back behind them to keep there tanks from racing up and slaughtering the infantry and the 3.7cm AA was put in the other table quarter on there own just to hinder any advance up the other side of the table. Turn 1 Nick and Tim advanced up getting off a shot at 1 panzer but not doing anything in out first turn our NGFS O.P was about to earn himself a Knights Cross as he cal in artillery on bunched Stag hounds killing 4 bailing 2 and bailing 2 M10's It took 2 turns of thier entire army and finally a Sherman driving into a building to kill our O.P in assault and in all this confusion my panzer's moved out to take opportune shots while bagging the odd Sherman not doing enough to kill a platoon. Turn 3 they retaliated to my panzer's killing all but 1 that one ran instead buy this time my 3.7cm AA guns had tired up half their army managing to bail M10's and stag hounds but because of their rubbish fire power not landing a killing blow. By this time 2 full strength platoons of Sherman's  and 7.5cm cannon half tracks had come on the table behind their flank opening up at short range in the open with 8 shots not a single hit warren's Half tracks bailing an entire platoon of armoured cars. In their next turn every tank of their turned their turrets and right before Nick rolled the dice i said this is going to hurt and hurt it did 7 tanks dead and my army broken and another 5-2 loss this was a game and a few points could of gone ether way.

Well the weekend was fun finishing 17th out of 18 teams the only way is up as they say there was just too much bad dice rolling on my behalf to tell if the army was any good in some games. I must say that not having 1 Blue on Blue games was nice although aside from the 1 Russian army the rest was British tanks and infantry the whole time would of been nice to face something else as well oh well. Onto Fracas in Wanganui and then Call to Arms in wellington next. At CTA going to use a Russian infantry horde so hopefully enough men and dice to counter bad dice i throw Cya there.

P.S sorry for the lack of photos in this one Camera Died.


  1. Nice summary of the weekend John. Sounds like you did all you could, your dice were shocking! I've found a big Soviet infantry horde is a good way to even out the bad dice rolling. If you throw enough dice you're bound to get some good ones sooner or later! See you at CTA. Cheers, Paul :-)

  2. I look forward to it i dont think we have actually played each other lol what you looking at running?

    1. I think we played once at Panzerschreck a couple of years ago, but I don't think we've had a one on one game. I'm running a Honey Armoured Squadron. Not too hard coming up with a list, it's the only EW stuff I have!