Sunday, 25 September 2016

Iron Cross campaign part 3 late war

The final two games were 1750 late war where I would have some of the bigest guns at the Soviet disposal the 122mm gun and 152mm bunker buster. Both mounted on the IS chassis.

Game 5 late war
Vs Ken Camel who was using Panzer pioneers backed by 3 Tiger 1's and some heavy hitting 88mm guns and our mission was called Jaegermeister which was a free for all.

My setup

Ken's setup.

First turn for Ken he bailed an ISU.

My first turn my ISU152's killed an 88 FlaK.

Ken moved up the middle with a pioneer platoon taking out a Zis gun. My return fire killed 3 men.

My fight with the Tigers wasn't going well so a redeployment was in order.

After some successful shooting and an assault the center threat was neutralized.

Ken smoking my tanks and killing my rocket artillery he paved the way for an assault.

One of Ken's Pak 88mm guns goes down as I counter attack.

I fend off the assault both of us taking loses but the game ends in a draw. A hard fought battle.
Ken got - 645pts 500pts for the Draw and killing my Zis guns.
I got - 805pts for the draw and killing one pioneer platoon.

Game 6 late war
Vs Warren Hart my good friend I battle on a regular basis so a hard battle lay ahead. Warren was using his Sturm division with 8x Pak40's and 2x 88mm FlaK guns and Panzerfausts up the wazoo.
The Mission was Gotterdammerung a modified no retreat were the German defender got 2 AT booby traps and 4 infantry booby traps.

My forces ready to attack.

The Germans dug in with some of their PaK40's in ambush.

The cautious advance continues no ambush yet.

Warren's heavy artillery knocks out a ISU. In return his 88's come on for reserve and I deal to them with my artillery.
My C.O goes up one flank by himself to try and spot his artillery for mine but Warren uses his ambush to stop him.

My ISU's deal to one StuG and my infantry assault his platoon of infantry. I eventually get pushed back.

With My C.O dead my sappers try and assault the AT guns they do kill one but get driven back. By this time we had run out of time and Warren had defended very well to keep me back.

Another hard battle with my regular gaming partner great banter had and friendly insults exchanged.
Warren got - 1150pts for the win and killing my C.O.
I got - 115pts for killing his 88mm FlaK platoon

So at the end of the event the Soviets had amasses enough point for the win over the Germans no thanks to me with my lack luster performance. Well done to Bede for taking top spot.
A great weekend and a big step up from other events ive been to in terms of theme. I will be back next year which is to be a North Africa theme so I will most likely use my Americans I think.

The Final Tally.
Red - Soviet
Blue - German

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