Friday, 23 September 2016

Iron Cross campaign part 1 early war.

Day one of the Iron Cross event run by Tony Bates started with everyone getting a tape measure with iron cross on it all the army lists (Dossiers), missions, hero skills and other info needed for the week end in a nice folder. The German team got to choose their opponents and tables to play on first. The points for the games was 1000pts for a win 500pts for a draw 0 pts for a loss. Plus what every value of points for each unit you kill completely.

           Axis                                                   Russian

1. Graham Henderson                             1. Gavin van Rossum
2. Simon McBeth                                    2. Sofia Chambers
3. David Wilson                                      3. John Fletcher
4. Damien Tyson                                     4. Russell Briant ( Team commander)
5. John Lee                                              5. Mark Stanton
6. Andrew Stanton                                  6. Andrew Olds
7. Ken Camel                                          7. Cameron Wansbrough
8. Warren Hart                                         8. Bob Pearce
9. Bryan Thompson                                 9. Bede Bailey
10. Paul Waechter (Team commander)   10. Joseph Kelly

Game 1 early war
Vs  Paul Waechter
Mission was call Cemetery Hill a modified version of encounter with some war dogs added in for the defender. I had 6 of these at my disposal they attack top armor with AT3 and FP5+.
My sappers 76mm guns and 1 platoon of T-28s started on table

Paul was quick to kill one tank and bail another 3. Not a good start although I got his C.O.

Just to keep me from moving my guns into a flanking position Paul got to bring on some 8 Rad armored cars.

Luckily my T-28s and my random reserves came on at the right place. Not that they could hit any thing.

My AA trucks go and harass Pauls 8 Rads causing them to break off.

Paul had forced me off the objective with is mechanized infantry and his Panzers claiming the win for his team.
Pts for the game.
Paul got - 1345pts for killing my C.O, 1x T-28 platoon and the win
I got - 155pts for killing his C.O.

Game 2 early war
Vs Andrew Stanton
The next mission was called white wave and my team commander had picked Andrew for me to face. This mission had snow covered terrain making everything slow going. And winter snow storm making the first few turns like night fighting. It was a modified hold the line mission.

I would be attack an infantry division with an 88 and Pak36's could be a tough ask.

The 88mm manage to see through the darkness and knock out 2 tanks. while the Pak's in the tree line knock out 3 from the second platoon causing them to run.

The 88mm finishes off the last T-28s. But my 76mm arty guns knock out the 88 and my rocket trucks pin down the Pak's and kill a few infantry.

My unarmed sappers move in an assault the Pak36's killing them all. Mean while my AA trucks on the far side of the table get gunned down.

As the game draws to a close Andrews captured T-34 comes on but I have failed to claim the objective and my army is broken with my sappers failing their morale test. Andrew claims the win.
Pts for the game.
Andrew got - 1740pts for killing my C.O, 2x T-28 platoons, AA trucks and my sappers and the win
I got - 305pts for killing his 88mm and Pak36's.

The next two games would be mid war hopefully my T-34's and Zis2 guns will help get me back on track and bring in some much needed points.

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