Thursday, 15 September 2016

Iron Cross eastern front campaign

This weekend an event called Iron Cross is being held in wellington. It is a Flames of War event with a difference with two teams 10 German players and 10 Soviet players. It is all set on the eastern front of WW2 but unlike most event were you bring one army at a set points limit each player is bring 3 armies each with their own points limit. Each army had to follow the type of the first one so all 3 armies had to be either tank, infantry or mechanized. I went with 3 tank armies the points limits were as follows.
Early war - 1250pts
Mid war   - 1500pts
Late war  - 1750pts

My early war force
Sredniy tankovy batalon Digital Exclusive
6 platoons with 2 platoons of T-28s, unarmed sappers, AA trucks, 76mm Artillery (AT guns), and katyusha rocket artillery

My scratch made AA guns witch are re-moveable. Dont have any crew for them atm. 

The C.O and the free Hero we get in each game. Much like an infantry aces hero.
My mid war force
Tankovy company, from Eastern Front
Again 6 platoons with 2 platoons of T-34s, sappers, 37mm AA guns, zis2 guns, and katyusha rocket artillery.

My AA and katyusha rocket artillery.

My sappers which all three armies have a supply truck with the sappers so barbed wire can be laid.

My late war force
Heavy Assault Gun company (Regular Support)
6 platoons ISU-122, ISU-152, sappers, Strelkovy Company, katyusha rocket artillery, and zis2 guns.

The heavy hitting bunker busters ISU-152's

The Tank killing ISU-122's.

Katyusha rocket artillery with added AA guns.
 I made sure that all my armies had even platoons as Germans and Soviets will be defending in 3 missions each regardless of company types facing each other. It looks like it will be a fun weekend will have a write up next week as well as a Fracas write up from 2 weeks ago.

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  1. great job on the home made AA trucks John, army's looking good
    should be a good tournament