Saturday, 24 September 2016

Iron Cross campaign part 2 mid war

The next two games up were mid war so my T-28s where replaced by T-34's and my sappers finaly got some rifles. These games were 1500pts and made up the last game of day one and the first game of day 2.

Game 3 mid war
Vs Damien Tyson another player I have had some great battles with over the years I finished 2nd to him at Fracas this year so I knew I was in for a hard battle. And him being Finns he had two captured KV-1's so my work was cut out for me. The mission was called The Darkest hour a modified breakthrough where the Germans got a preparatory bombardment and I got 2 barbed wire and a minefield extra meaning I had 6 obstacles total to place.

The bombardment tad bailed 3 tanks killed 2 stands of infantry and killed an AA gun. His KV's and infantry gained a foothold on the town.

My Zis2 guns over watched the two objectives safely behind the fortifications i had placed around his reserves area.

Damio's 122mm artillery was causing concern for my T-34s luckily only bailing them at this stage. The KV's lurk in the back ground.

Two lots of reserves arrive my rocket artillery and more T-34s things are looking up.

Damio's flank attack of AT guns and infantry platoon comes on but my Zis guns are ready to respond to them.

I start swarming the KV's in an attempt to get flank shots but nothing is getting through. My sappers clear the house of Damio's infantry.

Damio breaks through the barbed wire but his men take some losses to keep them honest. My C.O races to contest the objective.

Damio's Artillery and KV's are starting to take their toll on my T-34's. And his mortars killing enough of my infantry to make them run.

With 4 platoons dead fro me and the same for Damio we were both making morale checks but I was the first to fail.
A great close game as usual with Damio but he came away with the win.
Damio got - 2030pts for getting the win and killing 2x T34 platoons, AA guns and sappers.
I got - 735pts for killing Pak40's, mortars and 2 infantry platoons.

Game 4 mid war
Vs Graham Henderson He was running a panzer company with a total of 3 Panthers, 3 StuG's and Stuka support. The mission was called Fuhrer Directive No.41. The special rules for this mission was that the defenders entire deployment area was rubble. Which meant bulletproof cover and concealment for infantry and difficult going for tanks.

With Graham keeping his only platoon that was on table in ambush i was able to deploy much closer forward then usual. I had my sappers, Zis guns and AA on table.

I manage to move my AT guns for side shots not that I could hit.

As my reserves came on the following turn Graham's came on this wasn't good. I had already lost my C.O.

Two dead and one bailed out things were looking grim.

as the Panthers get distracted by the T-34s one bogs and its his C.O my sappers move in to kill him.

My next reserves arrive and come on behind the StuG's but only kill one. And I loss the platoon in return.

My roctet trucks come on and draw the attention of the Stuka's. His planes are still not able to be targeted by my AA.

I finally get the StuG's with my AA guns and the Panthers with the sappers giving me the win.
Another hard fought battle but this time getting my first win.
Graham got - 1040pts for killing my C.O, 2x T-34 platoons and my Zis guns
I got - 2355pts for killing his C.O, Panthers, and StuG's and getting the win.

The Next two games are late war and with my ISU assault guns I will be hoping to smash my German opposition under heavy firepower.

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