Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Valleycon 2018 Day one

Valleycon 2018 has come and gone for another year and once again was a great event. I was playing Bolt action this year using my US forces the points limit was 1000pts. Three of my four opponents were new to me this year 2 of which came down from Napier. Here is what I ran.

Game 1 was vs Ethan Phillips he was one of the two Napier boys he also has a blog make sure to visit . He was running Japanese I had never fought this nation before and boy was I in for a shock.

Two suicidal Jap AT bombs the Sherman and At gun made quick work of them.

His army didn't look that big but when you have to kill them to the last man they just keep coming.

This Squad was the first to die. Taking a lot of fire just wore them down.

I kept my half track and vet infantry squad in reserve but they didn't turn up till turn 4. By then he was right on top of them when they came on.

My M4 Sherman was the last man standing and survived the game no matter what Ethan threw at it.
Ethan was a great opponent and got a well deserved win 9pts to 6pts.

Game 2 was vs Chris Stewart he was the second guy from Napier he was running British with a AVRE Churchill heavy tank. So buildings were a no go zone with that around.

My Vet infantry and Sherman went up one flank and everything else stayed central.

My sniper and At gun meet resistance at the hedge.

On the right side my .50cal and .30cal do their best to hold back the infantry advancing through the bushes until help can arrive.

My flanking maneuver on the right had gone well. AT gun and squad of infantry dispatched with.

The next turn though my flank march came to a grinding halt. I fired first but missed Chris didn't make the same mistake.

With my last AT asset gone the Churchill had free reign on the table but luckily the game ended before too much was killed.
Second game second good opponent. Good win Chris 6pts to 4pts.

Even though I had lost my first two games I quite enjoyed playing them vs so new opponents. But it was time to get out of the heat in that hall not helped but one of the event organizers turning on the heating thinking the controls were for air conditioning. Oh well home for the evening.

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