Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Trenchworx T-35 Land Battleship

My T-35 Land battleship from Trenchworx finally arrived in the post today and I must say im impressed with the detail on the model and the size of it. The tank came with all the parts neatly bubble wrapped each in their own bubble wrap bag. On the Plastic resin used for the hull and turrets there was very little in the way of mold lines and no imperfections like bubbling or warping I can see. The two 45mm gun turrets the main turret came with magnets to hold them on. There were two variants of 76mm gun for the T-35 main turret so there is magnets for that as well so the barrels are interchangeable. All the add on bits like hatches. gun barrels, exhausts and other bits were the white metal you get in most resin kits like Flames of War.

All the parts laid out

This tank had 11 crew 2 in each 45mm turret 1 in each MG turret, 3 in the main turret a driver and radio operator

Its almost twice as long as a Sherman but despite its size & class as a heavy tank in Bolt Action its classed as a medium tank.

Front on its a bit higher then a Sherman but im guessing King tigers and the like will be just as tall.

Well I must Say well done Trenchworx on a great model 5 out of 5.
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  1. that Sherman looks very small next to the T-35, looks great ! and should be a fun edition to your new Soviet army
    Will have to have a game against my Early War Finnish force once you get it painted (or should I say once I paint some more Finns perhaps) see you at Valleycon.

    1. It does indeed I have to start my Soviet army so maybe the first game for both our armies could vs each other.