Monday, 8 January 2018

28mm WW2 Terrain

Ive been busy working away on more terrain for Bolt action hoping to get it all done in time for Valleycon later this month. Mostly railway lines and rail cars with a loco. But have done some buildings A V2 launch pad and fencing.

The train brand had Fenfa on the side the set I got had the tracks. train and tender, 2x container cars which are now flat deck cars, 2x passenger cars which went into making the rail gun, and 2x modern oil tankers so they became box cars. Track was unbased.

Still a work in progress but my take on the german railgun. The 280mm K5(E) Leopold. still lots to do on that.

The V2 rocket was a Pegasus Hobbies model 1/48 scale but it looks close enough.

Corrugated card, Plasticard and cardboard strips is all you see here. line in the card just cut in but not too deep.

There is enough track to do much more of a rail yard plus I have much more houses to put on.

Match sticks, skewers, and U shaped weed matting pegs used for my two towers.

Just plasticard base and high density foam for the tow bunkers.

Factory building with removable roof and the inner first floor. just a wooden base and plasticard.

The fence is wire mesh with wooden base and skewers that had a wide end so cut part of the end off for the barbed wire along the top. Which was just 2 wires twisted together.

Once all this is finished ill get back into my 6mm Napoleonic Prussians. And then down the line get started on my Russians for Bolt action. I hope to have my 28mm T-35 Land Battleship soon coming from Trenchworx in America, That was my Christmas Present. I hope it cools down a bit so I can get back into painting soon as its so warm the paint dries on the brush before you can use it.


  1. Keeping busy then John, the Loco & railway cars and railway gun looks great, be good to see it at Valleycon when all complete. You will need to post some pics of the T-35 when you get it made, as interested to see the scale of it in 28mm, cheers Mark

    1. Thanks Mark. Will you be at Valleycon this year or do you have sailing on. If I have the T-35 by then ill bring it with me.

    2. we will be sailing saturday afternoon and all day sunday, but intend to pop in for a look Saturday morning. If the weather is shit(very windy) for sailing hopefully we get to play some bolt action as a last minute entry perhaps but up to the umpire I guess. Yeah bring it along as Im keen to see it.