Thursday, 1 February 2018

Valleycon 2018 day 2

Day two kicked off at 930 am already very warm and with 2 games to play

Game 3 was vs Paul Goldstone he was using the army he ran last year a German reserves (old men on bicycles) army backed up by a Tiger 1. last year the tiger walked all over me this time I was determined for it to be different.

As order dice were drawn for deployment luckily I got the last dice so my Sherman could avoid the tiger and cause havoc on the left flank.

The rest of the army kept the Tiger 1 busy the half track was first to die. My AT gun put round after round into it doing no more then just pinning it.

My Vet squad of infantry WITHOUT any antitank equipment at all pass the tank terror test to assault. They scored 4 hits so I needed a 6 followed by a second 6 and for Paul to fail a morale check. Well we were both stunned by what had happened. Right before the assault my exact words were oh what the hell ill assault.

Although the tiger was dead Paul's mortar killed off my Vet infantry in revenge and there were still panzerfausts lurking around.

The game ended with Paul conceding as he had very little left and I had 3 of the 4 objectives secured.

As usual with Paul a good game was had very laid back and relaxed.

Game 4 was vs Reg Newell. I hadn't played him before its good to meet a new face at the table. He was running British infantry backed by a Churchill VII.

Most of our forces where at this side of the table.

The Churchill, mortar and forward artillery observer wait for a Juicy target to present itself.

My men advanced under fire from sniper, MG and mortar fire but pressed on.

On the left flank my sniper, hafltrack and vet infantry squad advanced vs one of Reg's vet infantry squads dispatching it very quickly. Then these 3 were able to move off the table for 9pts. 3pts for each squad moved off table.

Meanwhile my men hold their ground killing off his observer. And my Sherman finally managed to kill something.
The Churchill was dead even though I had an immobilized tank with a jammed turret I still got it.
The game ended on turn 6 with me winning with 13pts to Reg's 3pts. Getting squads off the table is defiantly worth it in this mission. Reg was good to play agents for a relaxed quite game no stress.

I was surprised to get best painted army something I had never accomplished at all before so was happy with that. I won an IS2 which will go well with my soon to be started soviets and a $10 mighty ape voucher.

I was also browsing all of Scott Bowman's fine wares of his Paraparaumu Beach Pharmacy Hobby corner which he had set up for the weekend at the hall. So got myself a M26 Pershing heavy tank for my Yanks so they have a bit more punch. I managed to sell quite a bit on the bring and buy table as well so a good weekend all round.


  1. Well done on the best painted army John, and a good prize too with the IS-2 tank

    1. Thanks Mark it will indeed especially if we do another team gave vs Warren and Andrew with their Panther tanks lol.