Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Star wars Armada

On the weekend I played Star wars Armada with my good friend Michael. We are both reasonably inexperienced at the game with only a handful of games under our belts> But feel we know enough that we could enter and event if there was one tomorrow. Armada is very different from X-wing if you have played that X-wing is a very fast paced dog fight game lasting maybe an hour and a half. Where as Armada is very much like a methodical slow paced naval game where you have to plan 1, 2 or even 3 turns ahead some time. This sort of strategic and tactical type of game I like.

I was using Rebels and Michael was using the Imperials. I had an MC75 cruiser (Admiral Raddus ship from Rouge one) an MC30 frigate, Nebulon-B and a CR90 corvette. Michael had a Victory class Star destroyer, Interdictor, Imperial raider and an Arquitens light cruiser. We both had a fighter escorts as well.

As we are still getting use to the games rules and mechanics were haven't started playing games with the missions yet but will start to do that from now on.

The Imperial fleet deployed ready for action.

In this Pic the MC30 should be on table and the CR90 should be off as that is docked in the Profundity ready to hyperspace  jump into battle. They were switched as soon as we started.

The Profundity jumps in just before the Nebulon-B dies and un-docking the CR90 as well. Both deliver a heavy blow to the Victory and get it to within 1hp of death.

The Victory takes the Nebulon with it and the Interdictor being late to the fight destroys the CR90 before the massive frontal firepower kills the Interdictor as well.

In the end I won on points but had Michael deployed his ships much closer together I wouldn't of got away with my MC75 intact. He would of brought much more firepower to bare at once and much sooner and the game would of been different I think.

In a few weeks time Ill be doing and Armada day with 5 others 2 of which don't own any Armada stuff yet but do like the look. But we have 3 Rebel and 3 Imperial players so we will have 3 games going and each one will be Rebels vs Imperials. We will try for 2 rounds and after that will add points of kills and losses and see which team comes out on top. But its more just to get more games in and get more people int Armada.

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